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Quote1.png Why so depressed, sport? In a few hours, you'll have the answers to all your questions. You'll know who's been rippin' off Rand-Meachum. You'll be happy when I kill you. Quote2.png
Iron Fist Vol 1 14
Quote1.png It'll take more than that to stop me, little piggies... shall I prove it? Shall I huff and puff and blow your house down? Quote2.png
X-Factor Vol 1 10
Quote1.png Your fancy claws can't cut what they can't hit. An' your hotsy-totsy healing factor... won't save you... when I rip out your heart! Quote2.png
Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 212
Quote1.png Its the hunger... It makes me...It leaves me... HUNGRIER...! Quote2.png
Daredevil Vol 1 238
Quote1.png Tag again, sucker. You're it-- you're out! Quote2.png
Classic X-Men Vol 1 10
Quote1.png So you're still alive. Good. I wanna kill you slow and painful. Quote2.png
X-Factor Vol 1 52
Quote1.png Yo, chump. If there's one thing I can't stand... it's a cry-baby..! Quote2.png
X-Factor Vol 1 53
Quote1.png A long ways from the big easy, Remy. And since when you workin' the side of the angels? Or did I just blow yer latest scam? Quote2.png
X-Men Vol 2 6
Quote1.png I've been ready to die since before you was born! Quote2.png
Sabretooth Vol 1 1
Quote1.png Don't know what I'd do without ya, Birdy... I might just feel bad for a whole two or three minutes if I was to really rip yer Head off one o' these Days! Quote2.png
Sabretooth Vol 1 2
Quote1.png She's on the wrong End of a Contract, Short-round -- She's the Snuffee and I'm the Snuffer! Quote2.png
Sabretooth Vol 1 3
Quote1.png They're harder to get rid of than Roaches... Quote2.png
Sabretooth Vol 1 4
Quote1.png So's it looks like the only way yer gonna stop me -- is t'kill me! Quote2.png
X-Men Unlimited Vol 1 3
Quote1.png Yeah, well -- Xavier is an idiot. An idealist and an idiot! Quote2.png
Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 311
Quote1.png Lemme get this straight... I mess with the head o' the world's greatest telepath... I use an' abuse a junior X-Man... I massage Braddock's innards with my claws... an' still you dweebs think I'm some kinda reclamation project. Heh. Who's in denial, McCoy? Quote2.png
Sabretooth Special Vol 1 1
Quote1.png So... you ready to party? Quote2.png
X-Factor Vol 1 124
Quote1.png C'mon, kid, go for it! You know you want to. Think of how warm and salty the blood... Quote2.png
X-Factor Vol 1 128
Quote1.png Stop squealing and die, you little frails! Quote2.png
X-Factor Vol 1 136
Quote1.png Saved your life... saved your life. Do you know how ridiculous that is? I'm an assassin, for crying' out loud! A hired killer! Quote2.png
Sabretooth: Mary Shelley Overdrive Vol 1 1
Quote1.png But see, I did leave some scratches. You ain't invulnerable. And that makes me wonder...given some time, and some determination-- --just how much damage I can do. Quote2.png
Sabretooth: Mary Shelley Overdrive Vol 1 2
Quote1.png You rat turds are a bunch of scientists-- old farts. And you figured out how to put your brains in young, strong, tough bodies. "Piotr. Aleksander." You got your hands on some Russian Special Forces troops... and you cored them. Did this to them. Make yourselves into your very own Frankenstein monsters. Quote2.png
Sabretooth: Mary Shelley Overdrive Vol 1 3
Quote1.png Been a long night. Long night. It's time I got back to work. Quote2.png
Sabretooth: Mary Shelley Overdrive Vol 1 4
Quote1.png Brings back memories, doesn't it, Weapon Ⅹ? Oh, wait, my it doesn't, does it? Guess nothing brings back those memories-- Quote2.png
Wolverine Vol 3 13
Quote1.png You make it so easy, runt. All I had to do was pick where to put the bullets. Quote2.png
Wolverine Vol 3 15
Quote1.png Yeah, you keep running, runt. You and your little puppy girl......I'll settle up with the both of you. And then we'll see how smug Willoughby is, he finds his prize dead-- Quote2.png
Wolverine Vol 3 16
Quote1.png Superstrength, speed, flight--and now a healin' factor to boot? What's next with this guy?! Quote2.png
Weapon X Vol 2 26
Quote1.png ...gee, what was that name she used for your boss again? Oh yeah-- "The White Devil." Quote2.png
Weapon X Vol 2 27
Quote1.png Can't I go anywhere without runnin' into you, runt? Quote2.png
X-Men Vol 2 161
Quote1.png Well, now it seems to me I heard about some kinda offer you had on the table. A safe haven for all the poor mutants still out there in the big bad world. Sanctuary. No questions asked. So, I thought I'd get me a piece of that. Quote2.png
X-Men Vol 2 188
Quote1.png They're called the Children of the Vault. They're not mutants, but they're not human, either. And the reason they wanna kill me is just 'cause I know they exist. So I guess you all just joined me on the endangered species list. Quote2.png
X-Men Vol 2 190
Quote1.png You really got no idea who you're dealing with. Don't know why you've made it your business to get into mine. But what I do know is -- there'll be payback for getting in my way... lots of payback. Quote2.png
Wolverine Vol 3 52
Quote1.png I told ya I'd deliver, didn't I? You wanted a war? Sabretooth just gave ya a war. Quote2.png
Wolverine Vol 4 20
Quote1.png Sure you boys ain't hungry? There's plenty for everybody. Just carve off whatever you like. Don't know about ya'll... but I like mine rare. Quote2.png
Wolverine Vol 2 300
Quote1.png Not here to kill you. Far as I'm concerned, you can stay just like this. But I'm gonna make you a promise. You ever find anything--anybody make life worth living again-- I'll be there. This man drinks is on me. As much as he want. Quote2.png
First X-Men Vol 1 5
Quote1.png Soon as you were made mortal... you were as good as dead. I'm just here to make the final cut. Quote2.png
Wolverine Vol 5 12
Quote1.png Oh ye of little faith... I now know what we're after. It's the power to remake the world in my own image. I'm going to become god. Quote2.png
Wolverine Vol 6 3
Quote1.png Yeah-- --you see, we really got too many hostages. And I don't think you're all fit for my new world. So-- --I'm gonna let The Hand use one of them for target practice. Either the boy or the little girl. Pinch, you get to choose. Quote2.png
Wolverine Vol 6 10
Quote1.png "Wolverine rip-off?" Tell Slade I said hi. Quote2.png
Deadpool Vol 5 34
Quote1.png Maybe you were right, Haji. Maybe there's somethin' to a better class 'a kills. Maybe I won't be here for that long. Maybe... I can do better than Logan. Quote2.png
Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy Vol 1 3
Quote1.png People are self-centered at their core. Down deep. But it's hard to admit it. Easier to cook up a story you live in. One where you're the hero. One where it doesn't matter how you get what you want-- so long as you get it. That's villiany. That's the ugly thing that won't stop rising up in folks. That's what I was, through and through. That's why we need people who are strong enough to fight those self-serving urges. To stand tall and set an example. And folks inspired to live up to the example--that's how they really change the world. They inspire the rest of us by showing us it's possible to be better. But you knew that, Logan. You pulled yourself up on your own and grew into something better. Now it's my turn to see if I can find that spirit to overcome my past. The heart to push through the glaring eyes that only see the beast I was. You'll see Logan. I'll do it. I'll find it. Spirit of a Wolverine. Quote2.png
Avengers & X-Men: AXIS Vol 1 9
Quote1.png Jumping out of planes without a parachute... always shows your enemies how buck wild you are. Quote2.png
Uncanny X-Men Vol 4 4
Quote1.png I'm thinking about how much I hate you... and how lucky you are right now... I hate those bastards more. Quote2.png
Weapon X Vol 3 2
Quote1.png Wade, I ain't usually one to dole out advice, but... what the Hell are you doing with your life? I know you're the poster boy for bad decisions... but you gotta stop and really think for a minute. Look at all those people that got stuck to you. People that ain't gonna heal back up when they get hurt. An Avengers squad. A bunch of dopey second-string Mercs. An innocent family. Everybody's story is gonna end -- except yours. Death won't take you, but it will take them. So take my advice: walk away from it all. Quote2.png
Deadpool Vol 6 36
Quote1.png Are you guys morons? It's obvious what he wants! He's searching for his past! Quote2.png
Weapon X Vol 3 9
Quote1.png No! Who the Hell are you and why are you wearing the Constrictor's getup? Quote2.png
Iron Fist Vol 1 75
Quote1.png Forget the flag, Nuke... they're after your pills. Quote2.png
Weapon X Vol 3 13
Quote1.png Ha ha ha! Didn't think I'd forget, did ya, runt? Quote2.png
Weapon X Vol 3 15
Quote1.png Yeah! That's it, little man! Finally cutting loose! Gotta tell ya... the world hasn't exactly felt right since I got "inverted." But look at us now! I bet this is why you came to this world from your dumb future in the first place... to be the berserker this boring dump needs! Quote2.png
Weapon X Vol 3 16
Quote1.png Red, come on. I'm on your side here. I bet I could even help you... with more'n my life force, which doesn't seem to be doing you much good anyway. Quote2.png
Weapon X Vol 3 18
Quote1.png What the Hell is it? Some kind of virus? A weapon? A frickin' horror movie? Quote2.png
Hunt for Wolverine: Claws of a Killer Vol 1 2
Quote1.png This place is a real @#$% storm. You shoulda run when you had the chance. One of those soldiers is my dead son. Quote2.png
Hunt for Wolverine: Claws of a Killer Vol 1 3
Quote1.png Nice knowin' you, Strikes. And $@#% you for bringing me here. Quote2.png
Hunt for Wolverine: Claws of a Killer Vol 1 4
Quote1.png Haha! Making bank and busting goons... this is the kind of thing we coulda been doing all along! Quote2.png
Weapon X Vol 3 22
Quote1.png I'm trying to tell you -- we wanna go to Hell! Quote2.png
Weapon X Vol 3 25
Quote1.png I don't deserve this! I got "inverted"! I'm sorta kinda like a hero now! Quote2.png
Weapon X Vol 3 26
Quote1.png Stryker! You ain't -- getting away -- from me! I'm cancelin' the resurrection! Quote2.png
Weapon X Vol 3 27
Quote1.png At first, I was going to spend all that time taking it out on the five of you. Putting you through hell for the fun of it. But you're not the ones who did this to me. You're not the ones I hate. So now I have a different plan. Lotta people think I'm too stupid to plan and scheme. It's the last things they think before I gut them. Satan recruited five angels in his revolt against God. I say we get free from here and make the gods up there pay. Quote2.png
Sabretooth Vol 4 2
Quote1.png That was Krakoa's first great test. Could they do what the world can't? Could they find a new way to deal with someone like me? Or would they just throw me away? They say they're better than the humans but when it came down to it, what did they do? But thanks to all of you, we've got friends up there who are going to get us out. Quote2.png
Sabretooth Vol 4 4
Quote1.png I've been ready to die since before you was born! Quote2.png
Victor Creed (Earth-616)
Luke Cage (Earth-616).jpg
Nothin's gonna satisfy me as long as you're above ground and breathin'...
Conversation Tail.png

To the Death then!
Conversation Tail.png
Power Man and Iron Fist Vol 1 84

Valerie Cooper
What is this facility, Creed? Why did all these people have to die?
Conversation Tail.png

Sorry, Doc, that information is on a need-to-know basis. And you and the rest of the scout troop only need to know two things. One, you were never supposed to have come this far into the facility. And now that you die, too!
Conversation Tail.png
X-Factor Vol 1 122

Hey -- I thought that nanotechnic inhibitor that was implanted in your neck -- prevented you from assuming any of the X-Men's identities for longer than ten seconds!
Conversation Tail.png
Warren Worthington III (Earth-616) from Avengers Academy Vol 1 3.jpg
(as Angel)
It does. But when Worthington was altered by Apocalypse and transformed into Archangel, the original Angel ceased to exist. Lucky for me the implant is only encoded with his present genetic make-up.
Conversation Tail.png

You don't miss a trick, do you, darlin'?
Conversation Tail.png
Warren Worthington III (Earth-616) from Avengers Academy Vol 1 3.jpg
I try not to. It's a matter of survival.
Conversation Tail.png
Sabretooth and Mystique Vol 1 1

Like I said -- it was the Englishman.
Conversation Tail.png

Powell McTeague
Welsh on dad's side, and Litvak on mum's, to be precise. And now that that's all settled...what say we send these misguided monsters to a well-deserved hell and be done with it.
Conversation Tail.png
Avengers 1959 Vol 1 2

Azuma Gōda
Who are the scariest villains in the world?
Conversation Tail.png

Me, for one. Maybe Dr. Doom. That big purple guy who eats planets.
Conversation Tail.png

Azuma Gōda
Wrong. The scariest villains are the ones you've never heard of. The ones who live solely in the shadows. Whose names you never read in the papers. Faces you never see. But who control and exploit every single facet of your life, from your mother's teat to your sleep with the maggots.
Conversation Tail.png
Wolverine Vol 2 303
Sabretooth Vol 4 1 Textless.jpg
You son a--I came here 'cause I thought you had a job. We're hired killers, not social workers. Why the hell would I waste two damn seconds on your touchy-feely crap?
Conversation Tail.png
James Howlett (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe X-Men 2004 Vol 1 1 0001.jpg
One: I'll pay you. Two: No one else is doing it. And...Three: What if there'd been someone who gave a damn when you were a kid?
Conversation Tail.png
Sabretooth Vol 4 1 Textless.jpg
You'll pay me how much?
Conversation Tail.png
First X-Men Vol 1 1

Well, okay. Pretty good self-control. So, now you get good news and bad news. Good news is that we didn't really kill your parent's kid.
Conversation Tail.png

The bad news is that we can never kill 'em...
Conversation Tail.png

'cause they never existed in the first place.
Conversation Tail.png
Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 30

But there'll be no more birthday presents for Saul. He's somewhere you can't hurt him. Your little brother is dead, Victor.
Conversation Tail.png

Little baby Saul? Dead? Without my permission? Hell, I don't think so.
Conversation Tail.png
Origin II Vol 1 5

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