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List of all notable quotes by or about Victor von Doom (Earth-616).
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Quote1 I've failed! I've been defeated-- by the accursed Fantastic Four! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 10
Quote1 The world must not lose a magnificent brain like mine! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 23
Quote1 Before this day is ended, mankind shall grovel helplessly at my feet -- and, as fate has obviously ordained -- Doctor Doom shall be Master of Earth! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 59
Quote1 So then never let it be said Doctor Doom was a poor loser! Quote2
Strange Tales Vol 1 167
Quote1 The welfare of my people is ever closest to my heart! What a pity I am so often forced to save you from yourselves! That is why my invincible robot army stands guard both night and day! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 84
Quote1 Now that you are powerless -- you shall be treated the same as all my beloved subjects -- you will obey every order -- and be punished for every infraction – for the rest of your natural lives! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 85
Quote1 Permit me to salute your courage, Richards! A pity you have not the power to match it! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 86
Quote1 The star Doom follows beckons only to him... and none other! Quote2
Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 1 20
Quote1 Few men are as subtle as Doctor Doom! Quote2
Sub-Mariner Vol 1 20
Quote1 Today, I make no demands... no threats! But, one day, I shall voice demands -- and all shall obey them! Quote2
Astonishing Tales Vol 1 1
Quote1 You'll rue the day you ever heard the name Dr. Doom! Quote2
Thor Vol 1 182
Quote1 Yet other enemies will come! Other battles will be fought! But no matter who the foe...what the danger...Victory will be mine... for now, and for always! Quote2
Astonishing Tales Vol 1 3
Quote1 Dolts! Such insolence will not go unpunished! Quote2
Astonishing Tales Vol 1 4
Quote1 I tried... I tried... yet perhaps not hard enough. I am sorry, mother. Perhaps next year. Perhaps next year... when I'm stronger. Perhaps next year... when I'm fresh. Quote2
Astonishing Tales Vol 1 8
Quote1 Latveria is European, Mr. Cage-- I have no black subjects, and-- sad to say-- no one ever emigrates to my land. Thus, in order to pursue them unobtrusively-- for I am not welcome in the United States-- I needed a black, and I needed to hire him. Enter, Luke Cage. Quote2
Hero for Hire Vol 1 8
Quote1 ... I am more than amused by the prospect of a battle of wits ... though I fear that with you as an opponent... the struggle might well be brief. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 143
Quote1 Perhaps we are natural allies after all. Quote2
Giant-Size Super-Villain Team-Up Vol 1 2
Quote1 I do as I choose.. and I answer to no one! Quote2
Super-Villain Team-Up Vol 1 3
Quote1 Farewell my companions -- When next we meet -- it will be as foes! Quote2
Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 44
Quote1 I dislike your threats woman, particularly since your voice should be raised in tribute! Quote2
Super-Villain Team-Up Vol 1 8
Quote1 The Mighty Avengers, BAH! Quote2
Super-Villain Team-Up Vol 1 9
Quote1 Your life hangs on a thread to be cut short on Doom's command! Quote2
Super-Villain Team-Up Vol 1 10
Quote1 My kingdom-- the world-- under Attuma's heel?! Impossible! Yet... Come, android! Quote2
Avengers Vol 1 156
Quote1 The duel is done Skull! And the victory... Doom's! Quote2
Super-Villain Team-Up Vol 1 12
Quote1 Only Doom dares to dream! All others serve! Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 102
Quote1 It is time to clear the board of unfinished gambits, and put the remaining pieces... away. [...] You see, my sense of fair play extends only to the limits of the match -- and now that the game has concluded, I have no qualms whatsoever about multiplying the odds... in my favor. Quote2
Master of Kung Fu Vol 1 60
Quote1 Am I always to be plagued by that accursed quartet? Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 200
Quote1 My vast and supreme will shall be done! Quote2
Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 15
Quote1 What do you want ... errand boy? Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 149
Quote1 Morgana Le Fey, you are a remarkable woman. Were you but a product of my own time... Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 150
Quote1 But, to destroy you thus would be a petty victory indeed -- and Doom is never petty. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 247
Quote1 Rivals... No one rivals Doom! NO ONE! Doom is supreme! There is no power on earth, no intellect in all creation to equal Mine! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 258
Quote1 The Beyonder is dead! Now, the supreme being in the universe... is Doom! Quote2
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Vol 1 10
Quote1 One of the most sophisticated robots I've ever created! I shall mourn your passing. Quote2
Beauty and the Beast Vol 1 4
Quote1 If the nations of the Earth cannot stop squabbling like spoiled children long enough to control the forces they have so foolishly unleashed -- then Doom shall take their deadly toys away from them! Quote2
Cloak and Dagger Vol 2 10
Quote1 My greatest flaw. I surround myself with idiots. Quote2
Marvel Graphic Novel: Emperor Doom — Starring the Mighty Avengers Vol 1 1
Quote1 Consciousness makes cowards of so many... Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 320
Quote1 As for the Wizard, he takes excessive pride in his invention of antigravity drives - an achievement I accomplished while I was a youth. Besides, how can I take anyone seriously who voluntarily takes the Trapster as a partner? Quote2
Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 22
Quote1 From our previous encounter, lackey, I owe you vengeance. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 1 250
Quote1 Do not let your idle tongue undo your small successes. Quote2
Namor, the Sub-Mariner Vol 1 30
Quote1 Do you truly believe Von Doom embarks upon the least of his plans without calculating the smallest detail? Quote2
Namor, the Sub-Mariner Vol 1 31
Quote1 Your words lack vision, Kang, but you will soon learn the meaning of ultimate power! Quote2
Silver Sable and the Wild Pack Vol 1 5
Quote1 Rise, Magneto. Do not cower. You shame yourself. How dare two such as we succumb to the terror that has so paralyzed others? Fear is for lesser men. Quote2
X-Men Vol 2 56
Quote1 No man speaks to Doom this way. Even Captain America. Quote2
Captain America Vol 2 12
Quote1 Knowledge is power. In all the universe there is no greater truth. And I do not intend to share it! Quote2
X-Men/Dr. Doom '98 Vol 1 1
Quote1 Behold the new sun that soars in the heavens! Gaze upon the great and terrible star whose name is Doom! Quote2
Silver Surfer: Loftier Than Mortals Vol 1 1
Quote1 To escape it, or to simply use it, Richards must think like me. To think like me, is ultimately to become me. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 30
Quote1 You plead in vain, Richards. It was a test before, to determine who held true sway over your soul... ...the Dreamer. Or the despot... ...and you failed! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 31
Quote1 This game shall soon reach its inevitable conclusion -- -- and the final triumph shall belong to Doctor Doom! Quote2
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine Vol 1 3
Quote1 I had expected my moment of victory to be more...satisfying......but perhaps repaying you for years of treachery, for the ultimate cruelty of tampering with my laborious calculations upon our first meeting......will grant me peace of mind whereas merely defeating my most worthy of foes does not! Quote2
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine Vol 1 6
Quote1 How to destroy a man: grant him his heart's desire. One. Quote2
Fantastic Four: 1 2 3 4 Vol 1 1
Quote1 My life is changing. When I was young, I made a fateful choice. I chose science over sorcery. And I wanted to choose again. Thus, I made a pact. I conjured a cabal of netherdemons who claimed they would make me the magician I could have been... and greater besides. But as is too often true demons, there was a barter involved. One condition. I had to sacrifice something of indescribable value. Something irreplaceable. Something only you could give me. Farewell, my love. Dear, dear Valeria. I will miss you more than any will ever imagine... ...but I will always hold you close to me. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 67
Quote1 Unleash your technological marvels. Bring your vaunted scientific brilliance to bear. Do your worst. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 3 69
Quote1 Any rational man evaluating what you've just claimed would have to see the truth: This is your prison... and I am your jailer. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 507
Quote1 And so I escaped to America. Where I would lose everything... Quote2
Books of Doom Vol 1 1
Quote1 You are a fool, Benjamin Grimm. I crawled through hell itself to get here. Do you really think you and your outgunned comrades are going to stop me when I'm this close to my goal? Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 537
Quote1 A lot more people hate you than hate me. Quote2
Mighty Avengers Vol 1 10
Quote1 Compassion can be useful, when properly manipulated. But not when it rules one's judgement. And that will ever be your weakness. Quote2
Iron Man: Legacy of Doom Vol 1 1
Quote1 So come forth, Avenger. It is time to put our lingering dispute... to an end! Quote2
Iron Man: Legacy of Doom Vol 1 2
Quote1 I am an infinitely superior being now, Richards. All questions of rivalry with you are settled. Infinite pain is a welcome price to pay. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 569
Quote1 Consider that your one stroke of luck. You may now have minutes to live instead of seconds. Quote2
Thor Vol 1 605
Quote1 Ah, Trickster. You are beyond by understanding...but Doom perseveres. Quote2
Thor Vol 1 606
Quote1 T'Challa thinks that he has set a trap for me. Tricked me into the open. But in his arrogance he has played into my trap. And as a result I have done what no one else has managed in ten thousand years. I've conquered Wakanda. Quote2
Doomwar Vol 1 2
Quote1 My methods are a means to an end, no different than pruning weeds in order to let an orchid flourish. Those who stand in the way of my vision oppose me because they fear me, but more than that they fear what I represent. Change. Do you know why I despise Richards? And T'Challa? Because never once they reined in their own self-righteous arrogance long enough to try and see what I see. Never once have they asked me: Why? Do you want to know? Love. Measure my crimes against what mankind does to itself, and I am a saint. Humans (Homo sapiens) are a predator species. It's what brought us down from the trees, and it's what will ultimately reduce us to a historical footnote in cosmic history. I am more than a scientist, more than the power-hungry despot that Richards and the others paint me as. I am a sorcerer. I have looked into the future, I have seen how one violent action after another spins the world toward a future where all that remains of Earth is a burned out cinder. Every time I have looked into the future, that is what I have seen. Every time but one. In one possible future mankind becomes united. Cures for all diseases are found. Global conflict ends. Hunger is abolished, education is universal, and no one goes without. In that world, there are laws. To break even the slightest of these is to suffer immediate and terminal punishment. After a while, no one would dare lay hands upon the innocent, or commit a crime of hate, or steal bread from the table of another. Ten thousand futures have I looked at. A hundred thousand. And in only one does mankind finally unite, and flourish... and survive. Only one. Doomworld. Quote2
Doomwar Vol 1 3
Quote1 You and I have fought monsters, Nazis -- even gods. I relish the battles we waged side-by-side. And when you challenged me, my blood raced at the rare presence of a worthy foe. But now? You are no king. You're barely a man. Quote2
Namor: The First Mutant Vol 1 7
Quote1 Is it true what I've heard, Benjamin? That when Johnny Storm died -- valiantly facing an endless army... Is it true that you -- surrounded by crying children -- weeping at the inevitable death of your close comrade and friend... Is it true? Is it true that you just...watched? How very brave. Quote2
FF Vol 1 2
Quote1 I suppose congratulations are in order. And I must admit, I cannot help but wonder... where to now? You are, at long last, your own man. You could climb the highest mountain. Take wathere you so desire. I gues that is the real question then, isn't it? What does the Hulk truly want? Quote2
Incredible Hulk Vol 3 3
Quote1 Here, I can build. Quote2
FF Vol 1 16
Quote1 Why do they look like me? Doesn't it create the possibility that I am one? That Doom may, at any moment, be a mere machine? That I am not myself? Of course it does. That is how I wish it. I once let Arcade strike a match on me, just to mantain that confusion. Think, boy. If I am ever defeated, or dishonored-- If I ever act in ways unworthy of myself... If I ever die... The word goes out: "It must have been a Doombot." And the reverse is true. My robots often fool my foes-- I may be a robot now, speaking these words. How would you know? How would I? What is Doom? The flesh and blood that I can swap in and out of at my convenience? The mind I have copied to a thousand machines? No. Doom cannot fit in such small containers. I am not my body. Not my mind. I am... I am the old trunk, filled with ancient mysteries. I am the explosion in the college laboratory. I am the mask that burns with the fires of vengeance. I am the legend that unites this nation. I am the story of Doom. Quote2
Loki: Agent of Asgard Vol 1 6
Quote1 Now? Now those who believe they can manufacture doom will face Doom himself. Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 24
Quote1 Ask yourself that question. Or better still, ask who that is sharing your mind... Malice. Quote2
Fantastic Four Annual Vol 2 1
Quote1 Family. Family is the most important thing there is... And I have been a bad father. I have failed my people, my son, my country... I've gone too far. In my quest for power I've destroyed many lives... I've dissolved the sacred bond of family time and time again. No more! My misdeeds are many, but I'll not let their enormity hold me back. This inversion has helped me to realize things about myself I've never dared ponder. It's opened up a whole new area of my consciousness. I will make everything right. For I am not a simple do-gooder-- I am Doom. Quote2
Avengers World Vol 1 15
Quote1 I made you regent of this domain because you are royal. You understand this to rule, and the power you and your Inhumans gain through exposure to Terrigen Crystals means you are equipped to enforce that rule. But there are many, in many realms, who would take your seat in an instant, if you were to lose favor in my eyes. Fail in this task I have set you, Medusa, and they will have their chance. New Attilan is crucial. To me, and to the safety and security of Battleworld. Only a ruler strong enough to keep it safe will be permitted to keep it at all. And the weak... The weak become meat for the beasts beyond the Shield. Quote2
Inhumans: Attilan Rising Vol 1 1
Quote1 There is no flaw in the world -- it is the world I wanted. But my people are restless because I fail to properly inspire them. I am a poor god. I think now that once having made the world, I should have removed myself. Perhaps the gods of old had it right... It is better to be unseen-- demanding faith, and beyond being defined by the mundane. I'm beginning to think that in my perfect world... I am the one flawed thing. Quote2
Secret Wars Vol 1 3
Quote1 I am betrayed. Again. Quote2
Secret Wars Vol 1 7
Quote1 Your rodent army cannot help you now. And without them, you are nothing: an insect far beneath my notice. Goodbye, Squirrel Girl. You shall not trouble me again. Quote2
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol 2 3
Quote1 The life of an adventurer, an Avenger, a knight is, by percentages, a shorter one. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 9
Quote1 I am here because I figured out what I have to do. I will pick up your mantle. I will be Iron Man. Quote2
Infamous Iron Man Vol 1 1
Quote1 My apologies. Making sure no harm will come to others is relatively new to me. Quote2
Infamous Iron Man Vol 1 2
Quote1 I was God, and... and yet, I was unchanged. I was not one with the universe. I was not content. I had pushed myself for this for so much of my life only to discover it was a fool's quest. So I fell back to Earth... forced to confront my true self... to rethink my purpose in this life. And it was then that a sudden and simply notion struck me. It knocked me to my knees. If the selfish act of ultimate power was not my calling... then maybe the opposite could be true. Quote2
Infamous Iron Man Vol 1 3
Quote1 There is a professor named Angela Kror who would be an excellent chancellor to you and could help put together a proper government structure... so you could then relinquish control of the streets and let the people build Latveria for themselves. I was able to vet her as a perfect candidate in the five seconds while we stood here. You should have done that the second day you were put in power. Quote2
Infamous Iron Man Vol 1 4
Quote1 If I thought my time would be best spent behind bars for my crimes, if I thought I would learn something more profound than what I have already learned... I would gladly put myself away. But... I think we can all agree, I can do far more to right my wrongs from out here. Quote2
Infamous Iron Man Vol 1 7
Quote1 Avengers, Victor von Doom is in need of your services. Today, you work for me. Quote2
Avengers Vol 7 7
Quote1 My shame is that I could have done this so many years ago, had I seen things with a clear mind. Quote2
Infamous Iron Man Vol 1 10
Quote1 You keep calling me Doctor Doom... I am Iron Man. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 597
Quote1 Doom would know why you lured the accursed Reed Richards and his team to Wakanda. Quote2
Rise of the Black Panther Vol 1 4
Quote1 As an expert in such things, I believe a death trap awaits us. Quote2
Marvel 2-In-One Vol 1 7
Quote1 Doom does not need to explain himself to a man as lacking in vision as yourself. Quote2
Marvel Knights 20th Vol 1 5
Quote1 And so begins our war -- against the Devourer of Worlds! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 6 6
Quote1 People of Earth, I give you my word this is the last time I shall interrupt your programming and petty distractions. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 6 8
Quote1 Before you would have had such merciful deaths. Now, the honor of Doom demands I make examples of you. Your slow, agonizing ends will be the stuff of legend especially yours, Susan. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 6 9
Quote1 The world is... not mine. Quote2
Doctor Doom Vol 1 1
Quote1 You want my future? Get me the Hell out of here! Quote2
Doctor Doom Vol 1 2
Quote1 When we began you said you'd deduced this future mathematically. But then you said I was God and that this future was not certain. I argued that there is no best possible world. That there are many outcomes. Which is what you wanted me to do. You played Devil's advocate. You wanted me to see infinite paths. You want me to reject this future. Quote2
Doctor Doom Vol 1 4
Quote1 I have seen things... from the future. A future that I could... I must... choose. In this future, we are married. Quote2
Doctor Doom Vol 1 5
Quote1 Fate has brought you here to my island. Young Franklin has been experiencing problems with his abilities, and I intend to do what his father refuses to or simply cannot do... fix him. Quote2
X-Men / Fantastic Four Vol 2 2
Quote1 Greatness is cursed with enemies, young Kate. My history speaks to that. Of people attacking me and my citizens unjustly, for example... it appears your fellow mutants disobeyed my request. Not only that... they just murdered a Latverian. Unconscionable. Unjustifiable. Unforgivable. Quote2
X-Men / Fantastic Four Vol 2 3
Quote1 I have selfishly injured my herald's soul. Zora is the closet thing to a daughter I may ever have. But who wants a monster for a father. A father who orders his daughter to kill her mother? And now... Zora may never be the same. And so here I record my new vow. I dare not say it aloud, as it still frightens me to even think it. I will transform myself. I will evolve the creature of Victor von Doom and bring order and peace to this world. It may not unfold as I have envisioned, but I will dedicate myself to saving all living things... and hereby refrain from evil. I choose the good. It's just a matter of when to tell the world of our imminent mutual salvation. Quote2
Doctor Doom Vol 1 8
Quote1 "King of Space." "Master of the Sun." You claim such vast dominions. Is it to balance your small souls? Could I not lay claim to the light and the void, if I wished it? Have I not earned such titles? I, who have mastered all arts, all sciences, all secrets? Whose technology and magic cross the stars as easily as they scramble an alpha telepath's mind? Who would dare to say I have not earned the right? Yet I am king of only a simple nation. On a simple planet. A beloved garden tended by iron hands. And the only title I have ever claimed... is doctor. Quote2
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 6 13
Quote1 I am taking a bride, Richards, and I have decided... ...that you shall serve as my best man. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 6 32
Quote1 Yes! Doom's will be done-- in the heavens as it is on Earth! You speak of annihilations here? Is that your word for war-- for the sweeping waves of might that consume all? Then let Doom's hand be the annihilation of annihilations! The end of all your wars! Let my merciful mask be the true face of peace!
Look upon my work Dormammu--and despair!
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 6 17
Quote1 I'm here to do what that ridiculous mate of yours deemed impossible. Doom will save her. Doom will save them all. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 7 7
Quote1 I've done a great deal of research into both you and the symbiotic creature you "wear." And I have a proposal that might be of benefit to us all. To that end, would you be interested in discussing the possibility of life... everlasting? Quote2
Venom: Lethal Protector II Vol 1 3
Quote1 Time and destiny will do my will. As will you, Flexo. As will you. Do not resist. Simply think... and remember. Who forced you here? Who broke your destiny? What is his name? Eddie Brock. The so-called King in Black. When the time is right, you will be the hand of my vengeance against him... and his own son will be your weapon. Quote2
Venom Vol 5 22
Quote1 Some news, child...You're not in Europe at all. This. Is...Latveria. Quote2
X-Men Vol 6 28
Quote1 And here they are: the Brothers Grimm. It's always the same with them, isn't it? Just one Thing after another. Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 7 13
Quote1 Krakoa was destined to fail. Charles Xavier was not ready for the crown upon his head. Quote2
X-Men Vol 6 29
Quote1 Know that if you make any attempt to infiltrate Latveria, the only thing left of your so-called "Revolution", within ten minutes of detection...will be ashes. Quote2
Thunderbolts Vol 5 4
Quote1 "King of Space." "Master of the Sun." You claim such vast domains. Is it to balance your small souls? Could I not lay claim to the light and the void, if I wished it? Have I not earned such titles? I, who have mastered all arts, all sciences, all secrets? Whose technology and magic cross the stars as easily as they scramble an alpha telepath's mind? Who would dare to say I have not earned the right? Yet I am king of a simple nation. On a simple planet. A beloved garden tended by iron hands. And the only title I have ever doctor. Quote2
Victor von Doom (Earth-616)
Quote1 Behold--! The Foundations of Eternity -- the intertwining of energies which is the basis of all that is! Quote2
Foundations of Eternity
Quote1 They are my hands, my eyes, my work in the world. They are themselves...but they are also me. Quote2
Norrin Radd (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 57 001
Silver Surfer
Quote1 Why do you rule other human beings? What quality of leadership do you possess that so sets you apart? Quote2
Victor von Doom (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 57 001
Doctor Doom
Quote1 I? I am but a humble servant of my people! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 57
Matthew Murdock (Earth-616) from Dark Reign The List - Daredevil Vol 1 1 0001
Quote1 I may be bombed out -- but I'm not dead yet! Quote2
Doctor DoomQuote1 True enough, Daredevil! But it's only a matter of time! Quote2
Daredevil Vol 1 37
Invisible GirlQuote1 The Doctor Doom I remember might be ruthless and cold -- But he had honor and nobility too. Instead I encounter posturing and pettiness -- And perhaps a man a little afraid. Quote2
Doctor DoomQuote1 Hold Susan Richards! Many demons rule Victor von Doom -- But not those of pettiness and fear! Very well. I am with you! Quote2
Fantastic Four Vol 1 116
Doctor DoomQuote1 When my men reported a crazy black man in the Fantastic Four's craft, I know it had to be you! Quote2
Lucas Cage (Earth-616) from Mighty Avengers Vol 2 1 cover 001
Luke Cage
Quote1 Where's my money, honey? Quote2
Hero for Hire Vol 1 9
ThorQuote1 Given his skills with robotics, I wonder... Did we ever face the true Doctor Doom at all?! Quote2
Doctor DoomQuote1 You may never know, Asgardian. You may never know... Quote2
Avengers Vol 1 1.5
Iron Man Vol 4 2 Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 Doom! As Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. I am placing you under arrest for crimes against mankind. Quote2
Victor von Doom (Earth-616) from Captain America Reborn Vol 1 4 001
Doctor Doom
Quote1 I do not recognize your authority. Quote2
Iron Man Vol 4 2 Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 You will when I'm done with you. Quote2
Mighty Avengers Vol 1 9
Doctor DoomQuote1 I know this will disapoint you, child ... but Wanda Maximoff is here of her own free will. Quote2
WiccanQuote1 Wanda Maximoff is here because you've put some kind of spell on her. Quote2
Wanda MaximoffQuote1 Wanda Maximoff is in the room, and she can speak for herself. Quote2
Avengers: The Children's Crusade Vol 1 4
Victor von Doom (Earth-616) from Dark Reign The Cabal Vol 1 1 0002
Doctor Doom
Quote1 ...I can raise the dead. I can give you everything you've ever wished for... ...or nothing at all. It's up to you. Quote2
Scott Summers (Earth-616) from New Mutants Vol 3 10 001
Quote1 And all we'd have to do to receive these miracles is...? Quote2
Victor von Doom (Earth-616) from Dark Reign The Cabal Vol 1 1 0002
Doctor Doom
Quote1 Accept them. Quote2
Scott Summers (Earth-616) from New Mutants Vol 3 10 001
Quote1 You mean surrender. Quote2
Victor von Doom (Earth-616) from Dark Reign The Cabal Vol 1 1 0002
Doctor Doom
Quote1 You may resist, if you wish. If your pride demands it. But you won't win. Even the power of the Beyonder was nothing compared to that of the Life Force. And those who resist it will surely perish. So will you accept my offer...? Quote2
X-Men Vol 5 12 Frankie's Comics And Golden Apple Comics Exclusive Virgin Variant
Quote1 Oh no... Quote2
James Howlett (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 8 37 001
Quote1 Not again... I guess this time its a not-so-Secret War. Quote2
Avengers: The Children's Crusade Vol 1 8
Victor von Doom (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 3 5 001
Doctor Doom
Quote1 Are you worried? You think this could be the end of me? Quote2
Valeria Richards (Earth-616) from FF Vol 1 15 cover
Valeria Richards
Quote1 Yes. Quote2
Victor von Doom (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 3 5 001
Doctor Doom
Quote1 Do not worry, Valeria, I will not die -- I know it. Quote2
Valeria Richards (Earth-616) from FF Vol 1 15 cover
Valeria Richards
Quote1 How do you know? How can you be sure? Quote2
Victor von Doom (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 3 5 001
Doctor Doom
Quote1 Because...I am Doom. Destroyer of worlds ...What gods dare stand against me? Quote2
FF Vol 1 13
Fantastic Four Vol 6 25 Artgerm Virgin Variant
Doctor Doom
Quote1 You, child, are a grave disappointment. Quote2
Kristoff Vernard (Earth-616) from New Avengers Vol 3 24 001
Kristoff Vernard
Quote1 It's my super power, father. Quote2
She-Hulk Vol 3 3
Beyond (Second Cosmos) from New Avengers Vol 3 33 001
Quote1 We are Beyond. Dreamers. Destroyers. All of reality our whim. Who dares stand before us? Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 33 Textless
Doctor Doom
Quote1 I. Doom. Quote2
Beyond (Second Cosmos) from New Avengers Vol 3 33 001
Quote1 And what is this...Doom? Some paltry man playing something more than what he is? Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 33 Textless
Doctor Doom
Quote1 Fools. I am Doom the Destroyer... I have broken worlds to taunt you... I have shattered universes to mock you... I have taken what is yours...and made it mine. Face me at your own peril, if you dare face me at all. Quote2
Beyond (Second Cosmos) from New Avengers Vol 3 33 001
Quote1 Doom. For the short life left of everything, men and women will weep at the stories of what was done to you here this day... Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 33 Textless
Doctor Doom
Quote1 And I say, no one will ever hear the word Beyonder again...for I will erase your name from history. You dared to test us... You dared to toy with us... I dare to throw back in your face. Damn your cause. Damn the cost. You will certainly die! Quote2
New Avengers Vol 3 33
Victor von Doom (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 3 5 001
Quote1 A throne? I've had a throne for quite some time. A throne was my birthright. I've placed myself a good bit higher than that. Quote2
Thanos (Earth-616) from Infinity Vol 1 1 002
Quote1 Have you? I have my doubts. If one plays at being a god, one would not shy away from saying it. Quote2
Victor von Doom (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 3 5 001
Quote1 I am God. Quote2
Secret Wars Vol 1 4
Victor von Doom (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 2 001
von Doom
Quote1 If you don't believe me... You and I once time-travelled back to the days of King Arthur and had quite a rousing adventure. I always look back on that quite fondly. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 2 Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 You tried to murder me and leave me there. Quote2
Victor von Doom (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 2 001
von Doom
Quote1 I said I looked back on it fondly, I didn't say you did. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 4 1 Textless
Quote1 This -- this is not going how I thought this was going to go. Quote2
Avengers Vol 7 7 Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 I'm sure I can conjure up a maniacal laugh if it will help you. Quote2
Invincible Iron Man Vol 4 1 Textless
Quote1 Could you? Quote2
Infamous Iron Man Vol 1 8
Unbelievable Gwenpool Vol 1 22 Textless
Quote1 Okay? I'm looking for Doctor Doom, though. Quote2
Avengers Vol 7 7 Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 Speaking. Quote2
Unbelievable Gwenpool Vol 1 22 Textless
Quote1 Really?! Quote2
Avengers Vol 7 7 Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 Yes. Quote2
Unbelievable Gwenpool Vol 1 22 Textless
Quote1 Why do you look like War Machine in a hoodie? Quote2
Avengers Vol 7 7 Textless
Iron Man
Quote1 ... I'll deal with you later. Quote2
Unbelievable Gwenpool Vol 1 22

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