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List of all notable quotes by or about Wade Wilson (Earth-616).
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Quote1 No, babe -- Enough of you! Enough of us! Quote2
X-Force Vol 1 11
Quote1 Tell 'em time and time again -- keep your mouth shut -- but women, you know? They-just-don't-listen! Quote2
X-Force Vol 1 14
Quote1 Come ta think of it -- I've seen tougher Ken dolls than you! An' I mean take yer pick here -- mod-hair Ken -- disco Ken -- summer fun Ken -- I let Barbie whip me 'cos I'm a wuss Ken -- Any o' you guys lissenin' t'me? Quote2
Deadpool Vol 1 1
Quote1 Did he say Jughead-naut? Is that someone who searches for the Archies? Quote2
Deadpool: The Circle Chase Vol 1 2
Quote1 Edsel, huh? Good name for yer little tank...'cause for all the crud you three just put me through -- I'm gonna make you all obsolete! Quote2
Deadpool: The Circle Chase Vol 1 3
Quote1 AAAAAAAAGHHH!! Packing chips! That's the greatest weapon on the face of the planet -- styrofoam packing chips! Just imagine getting nailed by some of these babies! Oh the humanity! Quote2
Deadpool: The Circle Chase Vol 1 4
Quote1 You have any idea how hard it is to find a joint that'll serve a guy in a mask and bandolier? They won't even let me into Taco Bell! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 2 1
Quote1 In the immortal words of Clark Whatsisname -- up, up and away! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 2 2
Quote1 Wow. Whaddaya know? Logic stops the Juggernaut! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 2 4
Quote1 Nobody steals my girl and gets away with it. Quote2
Wolverine Vol 2 88
Quote1 I said: Hmmph... Mrrggg... Hmmph..! Quote2
X-Force Vol 1 47
Quote1 "Pwangg?" Trees don't go "Pwangg--" Llamas don't go "Pwangg--" Nothing found in nature goes "Pwangg", which means -- we're officially hip deep in the smelly stuff. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 3 1
Quote1 Didn't anyone tell you? I'm a riddle, dude. I eat the uncertainty principle for breakfast -- I was born the original loose cannon -- and I am one unpredictable feather-pluckin' walrus! Koo-koo-ka-freakin'-Choo! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 3 2
Quote1 Time to make the donuts! You were expecting maybe for me to yell "spoon"? Quote2
Deadpool Vol 3 4
Quote1 Please, Al, a little warning next time... Some of us aren't blind y'know? Quote2
Deadpool Vol 3 11
Quote1 The only thing you're going to be is shish-kabob. And as soon as I find my lungs, I'm taking you back to the Kingpin for supper! Quote2
Deadpool Team-Up Vol 1 1
Quote1 Shhh. My common sense is tingling. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 3 26
Quote1 ...none of this is actually happening. There is a man. At a typewriter. This is all his twisted imagination. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 3 34
Quote1 You wanted to hear my story. Well, here it is: my name is Wade Wilson. I spent a lotta years doin' things I wasn't particularly proud of. Then I got cancer. Then I joned the Weapon X Project, hopin' to find a cure. I gained a healing factor which eliminated the cancer, and most of my skin. Then I washed out of Weapon X as a failed genetic mess. I was discarded, along with dozens of others. Left to rot -- in the dead pool. Busted out. Did a few more things I wasn't particularly proud of before I found my calling -- as Deadpool. Did more stuff. Saved the Universe. Got myself scragged -- woke up here -- wherever "here" is -- with you -- whoever you are. Which brings us to Chapter X: "Egghead gets his neck snapped!" A Quinn Martin Production. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 3 36
Quote1 I know y'can't hear me, Mercedes -- after all, you're not dead anymore. Ain't that darn ironic. You get your life back just as mine is stripped away. Which, I guess, is pretty much what I had comin'. Seein' as how I'm the guy that killed you. But I sure wish you were here. I don't mean here -- in the ground or nothin' -- I just -- ah, whatever, just lookin' for the right words to say -- somethin' appropriate -- -- oh, wait. That's right -- you weren't my wife. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 3 38
Quote1 How to be a super-villain, lesson 32: "When attacking your enemy, do not scream like a girl scouts -- as that may tend to alarm him to your presence, giving him the split-second he needs to reach --" his concussion grenades!! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 3 39
Quote1 Nothin'. Just called to say -- I'm still alive!! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 3 40
Quote1 "Go to the light, Wade Wilson... go to the..." Memo to self: stop making fun of Crush Test Dummies... Quote2
Deadpool Vol 3 41
Quote1 Ah, threats! And so well-timed! Okayyy -- NOBODY MOVE -- OR THE WHITE BOY GETS IT!! I mean it! One step and he's a dead man! Just one! Any step will do! Even a baby step... a shuffle! A slither! You there -- with the two heads -- you look like you wanna take a step --! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 3 43
Quote1 You of all people ought to know what I mean, Shulkie! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 3 44
Quote1 Yeah, well -- things change. I mean, c'mon! We've knocked noggins enough for you to know that trying to figure me out is like trying to predict the migrating habits of Africanized bees! It's like -- you can do it -- but somebody's always gonna get stung! Quote2
Wolverine Vol 2 154
Quote1 First, my day rate for snuffing self-loathing maniacs in kitty-kat suits is a lot higher than my standard kidnap fee. Second -- well, okay, I only have one level! Quote2
Black Panther Vol 3 23
Quote1 Lay off the geriatric jokes will ya? Quote2
Deadpool Vol 3 50
Quote1 My God, I'm not some human scab-factory anymore! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 3 57
Quote1 Well if it isn't Nathan Christopher Dayspring Askani'son Summers... or are you just calling yourself Priscilla now? Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 1
Quote1 Hey if you looked like Ryan Reynolds crossed with a shar-pei, you'd understand! Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 2
Quote1 What's red and black and blue all over? Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 4
Quote1 Don't you ninja monks ever shower? I mean, what are you... French? Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 7
Quote1 "This place makes the best Chimichanga on the island. Don't even like Chimichangas all that much. I just love saying it. Chimichanga. Chimichanga. Chimichanga. Chimichanga." Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 13
Quote1 No--wait-- do you have any idea how many STD's I could have? Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 17
Quote1 Did you ever have one of those lives...? Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 20
Quote1 Iron Fist is a beautiful Porn nickname. Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 21
Quote1 Once, a tragic divide rocked the Stars and Stripes. Civil strife pitched brother against brother. Blue versus Grey. It was a terrible time, blood and guts and everything in very depressing sepia. It was called The War Between The States, but now we call it the Civil War, like we own the title or something... Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 30
Quote1 I have to pee. Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 31
Quote1 Well good morning to you, too. Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 37
Quote1 If you're not Black Cat, then I'm done. But first -- The Olsen Twins: Good? Evil? Or part of the elaborate C.I.A. plot? Quote2
White Tiger Vol 1 5
Quote1 I don't them. I don't need to. I know who I am. In T-Ray's mixed-up memories--ones that he shared with me--I was wearing my Deadpool costume when he found me. But I didn't become Deadpool until after I left Project X--after I got this healing factor to cure my cancer. After my mom dies of cancer when I was a kid. After my dad died in a barfight because of one of my drunken friends. After I'd been kicked out of the army. Which I'd sighed up for as Wade Winston Wilson. Because that's who I am. And anyone who says differently... is just imagining things. Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 39
Quote1 Let's try this one more time now that I'm not in a team-up sorta mood! Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 44
Quote1 Can you send me forward to the time when I was mowing my lawn and my next door neighbor, Mrs. Nowicki, asked if I could rub lotion on her back and I ran and locked myself in the Bathroom? I'd really like a do-over on that one, please. Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 46
Quote1 "Let's Play." "Game Over." You've got more corn in your one-liners than I have in my poop after the county fair! Quote2
Wolverine: Origins Vol 1 22
Quote1 Me? I'm Deadpool, "The Merc with a Mouth." Good shots and bad jokes--that's me. You're Wolverine, the berserker wildman of the woods. You're the best at what you do and what you do isn't pretty. Now, that means you kill people, right? Right? That's you. Quote2
Wolverine: Origins Vol 1 24
Quote1  -- How do you say "Oh, $#@!" in Skrull-ese? Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 1
Quote1 Answer me something, Egghead. Was it just because I have an accelerated healing factor that I was able to take down an entire unit of Skrulls -- including Chilly McHotpants over here? Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 2
Quote1 These colors don't run. Unless they have to! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 3
Quote1 Now this chair is really comfortable. Yeah. But can it Explode?! Didn't think so. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 4
Quote1 What do I do? Stinky Fish Head and Huey Lewis are holding my lady friend hostage and I only have two bullets left! How in the world am I going to use these conveniently placed Christmas decorations to save her? Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 7
Quote1 Yeah. That is a gun in my pants. But that doesn't mean I'm not happy to see you... Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 9
Quote1 Where would one buy Hippity-Hops in bulk? Quote2
Deadpool: Suicide Kings Vol 1 1
Quote1 Sh-shot through the heart... AND YOU'RE TO BLAME! Awww, you give love -- a bad name! Daww dawww dada dada dawww dawwww. Quote2
Thunderbolts Vol 1 131
Quote1 I've been besmirched! This besmirchment will not stand! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 10
Quote1 It's an angel of God. My glorious Bea Arthur-- Quote2
Deadpool: Suicide Kings Vol 1 2
Quote1 You should talk. Your costume's so tight you can tell what religion you are. Ever hear of a cup? Quote2
Deadpool: Suicide Kings Vol 1 3
Quote1 Oh, no! He's beating our meat! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 11
Quote1 Bring me more Pop Rocks and Dr. Pepper. Prepare to bathe my monkeys. Quote2
Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth Vol 1 1
Quote1 You know what? &@#$ tacos. And waiting. Damn you, Bullseye...damn you for making me hurt the ones I love. This time, it's personal. This's for the tacos. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 12
Quote1 Shut up! The old Spidey-tracer trick I can't believe you still get away with that. Quote2
Deadpool: Suicide Kings Vol 1 4
Quote1 You mean Tomb? No worries there -- he's been taken to the po-po by some buddies of mine. He's about to do some serious time. I'm talkin' "wearing-a-dress" time. Quote2
Deadpool: Suicide Kings Vol 1 5
Quote1 AHRR! Let's get it on...pirate-style! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 14
Quote1 I'm gonna join the X-Men. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 15
Quote1 You're looking at the chihuahua, right? Sometimes I go too far, I'm the first to admit it. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 900
Quote1 UGH! That was awful...all my thoughts strung together so dreadfully dull and some glacially moving freight train of suck! My God...that must be what it's be a total loser like you! Quote2
Deadpool Team-Up Vol 2 899
Quote1 Say Jar Jar Binks is an abomination. Say it! Quote2
Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth Vol 1 5
Quote1 You know something? I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Quote2
Deadpool Team-Up Vol 2 898
Quote1 To me, my guns! Quote2
X-Force Annual Vol 2 1
Quote1 Oh, man. He sure is talking a lot. Got to stay...focused. Boring speech wane. Yeah, tacos sound good. I like the soft chicken tacos. Quote2
Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth Vol 1 6
Quote1 So what do you say, boys...? Team up...? Quote2
Deadpool Team-Up Vol 2 897
Quote1 BREAKER! BREAKER! This here's the Big Dee Pee! You copy, good buddy? I'm comin' up on your tail! I'm puttin' the hammer down! I'm catchin' you on the flip-side! WE GOT US A CONVOY! Quote2
Deadpool Team-Up Vol 2 896
Quote1 You don't want to eat me. I irritate the bowel. Quote2
Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth Vol 1 8
Quote1 Take your stinking paws off him, you damn dirty -- Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 20
Quote1 I'll hold your hair back while you puke, cuz that's just the kinda guy I am. Quote2
Deadpool Team-Up Vol 2 895
Quote1 Dude, I had to hack that off to save you from zombie germs. You should totally put me on your Christmas card list. Quote2
Prelude to Deadpool Corps Vol 1 1
Quote1 Hey, Professor Veronica loves me for who I am. She says my scars are a roadmap of a loner's experiences, the rough texture of living! Quote2
Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth Vol 1 9
Quote1 Attention circus patrons! I have come from another dimension to take your daredevil pooch. He is needed to save many worlds. I know his adventurous spirit is up for the task. Also, I have a crapload of liver treats in my pocket. Quote2
Prelude to Deadpool Corps Vol 1 3
Quote1 Duh! Paper or plastic? Hellooo? You have any idea what plastic bags do to the environment? I'm Al Gore's message of death, bee-yotch! Quote2
Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way! Vol 1 2
Quote1 Deadpools Assemble! No. Wait. That's been done. Huh. What could we call ourselves? What could a corps of Deadpools call a bunch of Deadpools that are all Deadpool at our core? Hmmmmmmmm. Quote2
Prelude to Deadpool Corps Vol 1 5
Quote1 So you know now. He's an evil man. Petting-a-white-cat evil. Quote2
Vengeance of the Moon Knight Vol 1 7
Quote1 Hulkpool love it when a plan come together! Him and Bob go back in kill Deadpool dead!!! Quote2
World War Hulks Vol 1 1
Quote1 Monstertown. It's like a steampunk shantytown for every nightmare I ever had as a kid. Quote2
Deadpool Team-Up Vol 2 894
Quote1 So we steal some transport, hit the swamp, subdue the alterna-verse zombie version of myself, reunite Shorty with his body, avoid Man-Thing, then hop through the portal and hope it's not on the fritz. What could go wrong? Quote2
Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth Vol 1 10
Quote1 Tell your partner in crime over there in the truck to come on out. So I can multi-smite. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 22
Quote1 Ha! Eat that, Hitler! Quote2
Hulked-Out Heroes Vol 1 2
Quote1 Oh my God! I FORGOT THE DOG! Quote2
Deadpool Corps Vol 1 2
Quote1 My constipated clown-style will always beat your stinky diaper-style. Quote2
Vengeance of the Moon Knight Vol 1 8
Quote1 Got a proposition for ya, Grizz. Think you're gonna like it Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 23
Quote1 We're going to need a new blimp. Quote2
Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth Vol 1 11
Quote1 This guy's got to be rare, and I'm a friend of the I'll tranq him, and take him to a brilliant zoologist somewhere who can teach him to eat fruit and chill. ...Maybe learn sign language and get a kitten. Quote2
Deadpool Team-Up Vol 2 889
Quote1 What the hell's a quatloon? Some kind of potato? Quote2
Deadpool Corps Vol 1 7
Quote1 Hey, check it out -- they had a bomb in there! So I used it to bomb their asses! Who's the man? Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 28
Quote1 I really find you very attractive. Did I say that out loud? Quote2
Deadpool Team-Up Vol 2 887
Quote1 Wow, you look... really hot with that gun. Wanna go get some tacos with me after I finish killing the rest of these Draculas? Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 30
Quote1 ... Just a great big bag of shiny new gold coins. With a dusty claymore in the bottom of it. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 32
Quote1 By the power of gray sku-- No. Damn it. How do you activate this stupid-- Quote2
Deadpool Corps Vol 1 11
Quote1 We sort of glazed over something here...this Life Seed, it'll kill him? Are we talking about killing Warren? Quote2
Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 12
Quote1 So! Logan -- Wolverine -- Weapon letter-x-or-is-it-number-ten?! You have returned to resume our endless battle! Quote2
Wolverine & Deadpool: Decoy Vol 1 1
Quote1 Well...okay, yeah--maybe sometime parts of me are good but there are, like... other parts of me that're, umm... Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 45
Quote1 He's not punking me! Okay... he punked me a little bit. But c'mon! How'm I supposed to do my thing when he's already doin' my thing! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 46
Quote1 This is why nobody likes me. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 48
Quote1 O.C.D. -- what was I sayin'? Did you see me displayin' the skills that get the kills for those who're payin' me? Oh, you don't know? See, I'm so good it's freakin' scary! Dealin' out death, the world's greatest mercenary! Huh! Good thing you happened to come across this particular edition -- it's full of information that you're missin', dide! Like what I've endured to provide the audience with entertainment! Listen as I deftly explain it: Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 49.1
Quote1 Goblins, Trolls and Minotaurs -- oh my! So, this was the angry Elf's idea, but he gets to stay behind? "Oh, we should do the right thing, be good boys, take down the evil Goat!" Quote2
Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 22
Quote1 Just so you know? This was all my plan, not yours. I used you. You gave me exactly what I wanted. I wanna die. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 54
Quote1 Here I am. Alive. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 57
Quote1 Look, for what it's worth, I always hated you. You are a boring, two-dimensional, self-serious relic from the '70s. Oh, and Chuck Brownson called-- he wants everything he ever did back. Quote2
Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 29
Quote1 Looks like that's a "No." Or maybe he does understand, but he doesn't give a &*%. Hmmm... nah, gonna stick with "Doesn't understand." He is, after all, a monkey. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 61
Quote1 Hey, here's an idea. How about I kill you? Quote2
Avenging Spider-Man Vol 1 13
Quote1 Here comes DEADPOOL! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 1
Quote1 Hi, I've got problems with ghosts but I don't know who to call. Sorry, I'm nervous... I haven't seen a doctor in years. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 2
Quote1 She's just kidding! Of course this has to get violent! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 3
Quote1 Nope. No more jokes. My name is Wade Wilson. You killed my friend. Prepare to die. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 6
Quote1 Here comes the Armored Avenger's most intoxicating adventure! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 7
Quote1  Deadpool-Man! Deadpool-Man! Does whatever Deadpool can! Makes a plan, any size, catches thieves and makes them die. Look out! There goes the Deadpool-Man!  Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 8
Quote1 I need you to do me a favor. Find Vetis' boss and make a deal with him. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 9
Quote1 Yeesh. Is there another Clone Saga going on or something? You've really lost your biting wit, Spidey. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 10
Quote1 I might be crazy, but I'm not karaaazy. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 12
Quote1 Well, these look like knockoffs. Speaking of fake and Mandarin, I loved the third Iron-- Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 13
Quote1 I don't see The Watcher anywhere, let's assume that nothing important happened. That's always my guide. "No Watcher, no problem." Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 14
Quote1 Come on down, Butler! I'm not a guinea pig anymore! I won't go back! Come on! Get some! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 15
Quote1 Is this what it's come to? Deadpools killing each other? Such a waste. Quote2
Deadpool Kills Deadpool Vol 1 3
Quote1 This is important! One of them could be my daughter! Please don't let Eleanor be here. Please. Please. Don't be in here. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 18
Quote1 I miss that other guy. He'd have known just what to say. Quote2
Deadpool Annual Vol 3 1
Quote1 Believe it or not, there are worse-tasting parts of me. Quote2
Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic Vol 1 1
Quote1 Okey-dokey. Usually people hire me to kill someone else. Quote2
Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic Vol 1 2
Quote1 You should know I'm undefeated against opponents with nose rings. Quote2
Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic Vol 1 3
Quote1 I don't know what you did to me, but keep your lips to yourself, woman. Or you're gonna make me do something I regret. And that's my job. Quote2
Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic Vol 1 4
Quote1 What a weird day. I'm having fun, and I haven't killed anybody. Quote2
Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic Vol 1 6
Quote1 Listen, babe, I know we haven't known each other that long, but if there's one thing you don't have to school me on -- it's vampire hobos! Quote2
Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic Vol 1 9
Quote1 Snakes are nature's Swiss Army knives of murder. You can use them to bite, you can milk the venom out, or in a pinch you can strangle with them! Order your deadly snakes today! Offer not valid in Utah! Quote2
Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic Vol 1 10
Quote1 I'll come back... When I do, things will have to be different. Better. Things will be better. They'll have to be. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 25.NOW
Quote1 And they lived happily ever after, until a retcon do they part... Quote2
Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic Vol 1 13
Quote1 Woo-boy! Looks like some dismembered body is getting an upgrade! Four symbiotes! Four big honkin' hankerings to waste Carnage! And here I though split personalities were fun before! Quote2
Deadpool vs. Carnage Vol 1 3
Quote1 The Hand, the Yakuza... No wonder Wolvie and Ol' Hornhead hate Japan. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 28
Quote1 That is dumb. And Spider-Man is a champion against dumb! Am I? Let's see, fat guy in a rhino outfit, old man with wings, a variety of goblins, sand that is a person, water that is a person, octopus doctor...I am a champion against dumb! Quote2
Deadpool Annual Vol 3 2
Quote1 So far marriage is pretty awesome, and the new crib is like living in a Tim Burton movie. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 29
Quote1 I think what they're trying to say is... If you strike me down... I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. And also... I am your father. Quote2
Deadpool vs. Carnage Vol 1 4
Quote1 Hang on, Ellie. I'm coming for you. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 31
Quote1 C'mere Summer Stage. I maybe would have let you cut my other arm off. But when you start threatening to cut my wife up -- then it gets personal. Quote2
Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet Vol 1 7
Quote1 I knew it must be bad if you're recruiting me, but that's actually worse than what I thought. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 36
Quote1 No... No... Can't get beat... By dude with... Arrows... Quote2
Hawkeye vs. Deadpool Vol 1 2
Quote1 I can find the way out. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 38
Quote1 I know he's scared. He's not the only one. This whole crazy event did a number one me... all that peace I felt is gone. I ruin it because I can. Because it's easy. I've fought for Preston. For the Camachos. I've fought for my friends. I've tried to make these people not just safe, but happy. I didn't go looking for these people. They walked into my life. And now imbalance is restored. I've fought for the happiness of everyone around me. I've been willing to die for that happiness. I now realize I've never experienced happiness. I put on a good show, but... I simply don't know the meaning of the word. ...and I never will. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 39
Quote1 I want to ride my Sky-Cycle, Sky-Cycle, Sky-Cycle! Quote2
Hawkeye vs. Deadpool Vol 1 3
Quote1 Hey, Barton! This is how you use a Sky-Cycle! For drive-bys on penthouses! For soaring majestically over this beautiful, filthy city! And for saving your friends! Quote2
Hawkeye vs. Deadpool Vol 1 4
Quote1 I'm a man that can regrow anything, including, evidently, a conscience. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 41
Quote1 Please welcome the "Magic Mike" of the Weapon-X program, the "Alabaster Bastard," the man that's always whipping it out-- Omega Red! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 42
Quote1 You can really fly her, right? I don't want to star in Paste Pot Down. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 43
Quote1 I give myself over to this end. I am safe in love. I can live with this finale. If I'm going out, at least I'm taking everyone with me. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 45
Quote1 Back in 1984, all the big heroes were taken to space for a SECRET WAR – and here's what REALLY happened! Quote2
Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars Vol 1 1
Quote1 You! You're loving this I bet! You just love that you're the only one with a cool shield, don't you?! Well... you can take that red, white, and blue monstrosity of yours... and shove it straight up your -- Quote2
Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars Vol 1 2
Quote1 Yeah... well... I actually brought you here to maybe heal Mr. Fantastic or even the Hulk... some one with the smarts to think our way out of this... but I guess you're more concerned with your big dumb boy toy. Smoking hot... heroically posed... making the ultimate sacrifice... and I'm still chopped liver to the guy made out of metal. Quote2
Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars Vol 1 3
Quote1 Did you hear that? He called me an Avenger! I kind of feel like if Dr. Doom calls you an Avenger, you're pretty much an official member of the team! Quote2
Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars Vol 1 4
Quote1 Come on! Someone has to die for real! I mean, what is this, a Marvel Comic?! Quote2
Deadpool vs. Thanos Vol 1 2
Quote1 My people will ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement. You must never divulge that I worked for free. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 6 1
Quote1 Time's up! Yes, I said that. I stand by it too. Quote2
Deadpool & Cable: Split Second Infinite Comic Vol 1 3
Quote1 Y'know, Nate, all four of your fans are going to be very disappointed with this chapter... but at least I know how to give my Chimichangettes what they want! Quote2
Deadpool & Cable: Split Second Infinite Comic Vol 1 4
Quote1 I've lost my edge. If anything tells you how off-balance I am, it's the simple fact that I'm unarmed. I gave the Mercs everything I could. I'm giving the Avengers everything else. I lost my family and maybe my wife, Whatsherface. I didn't leave enough time for me. I guess that's why I didn't realize until right now... that someone close is playing with me. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 6 3
Quote1 It's a time-jumping psycho bunny who needs a villain name. Split Second. I just came up with that. Again. Quote2
Deadpool & Cable: Split Second Infinite Comic Vol 1 5
Quote1 Oooh, Deadpool, why do you have so many pouches? They're useless... blah, blah, blah -- jumper cables, baby! Link his temporal harness to mine -- give it a power boost -- and depending on how many pages are left in this story, that should be enough to... get us back to where all this started! Quote2
Deadpool & Cable: Split Second Infinite Comic Vol 1 6
Quote1 I like forbidden, possibly contagious fruit as much as the next guy... but the contract specifically said not to open the crate. Let's wrap it up and make our delivery. Quote2
Deadpool & the Mercs for Money Vol 1 1
Quote1 Okay, hand -- if you can hear me, make a fist. We have a lot of people to punch today. Yes! Crap. I'm talking to myself again. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 6 7
Quote1 Great! Communication! Okay, just three things! A) Do you think A-Force monitor duty is pants-optional? 2) If you secretly sniffed Doop when he was asleep once, do you need to go to confession? Annnnnd... is your boss Peter Parker an evil genius or just an evil villain? Mostly that last one. Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 2
Quote1 I remember. I finally remember the truth. You killed my family. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 6 8
Quote1 You stole my pirate yell! Mother%*&#%$! Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 3
Quote1 Ignorance is my copilot. It's time to cash in on these ill-gotten gains of ours. And what better way to pick the pockets of all these greedy little villains... than an auction? Quote2
Deadpool & the Mercs for Money Vol 1 2
Quote1 Hey, kids! Sing with me! ♫ The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round. ♫ My fists #$& up Sabertooth's face: pound, pound, pound. ♫ Pound pound pound. ♫ Cats go meow meow meow? ♫ Uh. Don't be a Deadpool, stay in school! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 6 9
Quote1 My name's not Wade, it's... it's... @#!%. @#$%&$# Connecticut! Every damn time! Quote2
Uncanny Avengers Vol 3 8
Quote1 This isn't even my final form, Creed! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 6 10
Quote1 Oh, no... you had too much succubus. Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 4
Quote1 I can't keep looking backwards. I'll waste my life. I have too much to look forward to. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 6 11
Quote1 You guys should really take a break from all your carnage and mayhem... and come take a look at all this carnage and mayhem! Quote2
Deadpool & the Mercs for Money Vol 1 4
Quote1 There are some... uh, I dunno what you would call them -- magic-eating robots attacking Shiklah's Monster Metropolis. Quote2
Deadpool: Last Days of Magic Vol 1 1
Quote1 Don't minimize my pain. I'm blind, Daredevil. Look it up. I can't. Because I'm blind. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 6 13
Quote1 Yeah, I'm trying to remember... last time was that thing with Spider-Man and Daredevil, right? Quote2
Deadpool v Gambit Vol 1 1
Quote1 No, no, it's nothing like that. I want you all on my Christmas card! Quote2
Deadpool: Too Soon? Infinite Comic Vol 1 1
Quote1 That's my super-power. I'm a pick a path to adventure where every choice ends up in tragedy. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 6 15
Quote1 You were a fool, Spider-Man! By grafting me to this horse, you've made me stronger, faster, and more powerful that I ever dared dream! Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 7
Quote1 I didn't get my tonsils out! You don't get credit for bringing me to the hospital when it's your fault I'm here! We were supposed to have each other's backs, and you didn't have mine. And you forgot a spoon. Quote2
Deadpool v Gambit Vol 1 3
Quote1 I'm so turned on right now... and seriously terrified of you. Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 8
Quote1  "Just sit right back... you'll hear a tale... a tale of a fateful trip..." Be honest with me, Scott. Ginger or Mary Ann? Quote2
Deadpool: Too Soon? Infinite Comic Vol 1 4
Quote1 I probably deserve that. If not for today, then something else. Anything else. Everything else. I deserve whatever bad comes my way. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 6 17
Quote1 I think I'm in over my head. And theirs. Why don't you put down the frying pan and help me catch the bad guy? Quote2
Deadpool: Too Soon? Infinite Comic Vol 1 5
Quote1 Everybody who hangs out with me ends up getting headless. Quote2
Deadpool: Too Soon? Infinite Comic Vol 1 6
Quote1 A demon is going around decapitating people from my party. Quote2
Deadpool: Too Soon? Infinite Comic Vol 1 7
Quote1 I'm sure a real hero would have something profound to say to you to make you feel better instantly, but... I'm all you got. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 6 20
Quote1 I've got all these new abilities, and -- for the moment -- I'm feeling an incredible sense of responsibility... and the desire to commit acts of great violence! My super hero origin is complete! Quote2
Deadpool: Back in Black Vol 1 2
Quote1 You're like a girl version of that old Spidey villain, right? I ask because... You know... If there are more girl Spidey-villains, I have this great idea for a Sinister Six calendar. Quote2
Deadpool & the Mercs for Money Vol 2 5
Quote1 Maybe one day we'll meet again... when you're not hung up on somebody else... and I'm not being hunted for sport! Quote2
Deadpool: Back in Black Vol 1 3
Quote1 Magic-boy, I don't think you understand this writing comic book stuff! Once you are within the universe you have to follow the rules you've set up! Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 11
Quote1 I'm feeling a little emotionally vulnerable after the Unity Squad imploded, and financially insecure after the Deadpool merchandise slowed down. But I'm trying to keep my chin up. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 6 22
Quote1 Hey, pal. You look a little lost... like maybe you need a friend. Don't worry... I'm not talking about me. Sooner or later, I rub everybody the wrong way. But... you never know. You might find what you're looking for inside. Quote2
Deadpool: Back in Black Vol 1 5
Quote1 I don't need to quit the team. The Mercs bring in cash. I just need to be in charge again. Quote2
Deadpool & the Mercs for Money Vol 2 6
Quote1 You blame me for what you've become -- but you were always a monster! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 6 24
Quote1 Funny story, Shiklah -- I actually have been hiding from you -- ...and yet here you are... oh, by the way, I shot your lover in the head again. Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 15
Quote1 So you know you're in a comic book. Your own comic book, even. And you think that gives you special protection. What? Because you're popular? Well, I've never heard of you. Your name is Gwen? I guarantee anyone who doesn't read this thinks you're Gwen Stacy. Do you know who's heard of me?! Everyone. Quote2
Unbelievable Gwenpool Vol 1 13
Quote1 Fine. I'll G-Moz it for you. Spooky castle. Mad scientist. Monster Juice. Quote2
U.S.Avengers Vol 1 4
Quote1 We're accomplishing nothing by sitting here, so I'll scout the premises for Dracula guano. Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 16
Quote1 At the end of the day, this is a Deadpool problem. There's only one way to deal with those. And it looks a lot like this. Quote2
Deadpool: Bad Blood Vol 1 1
Quote1 Listen to yourself! I'm not letting you throw everything away for this one psychopath! Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 18
Quote1 Okay! Well! That's that. Quote2
Deadpool vs. The Punisher Vol 1 5
Quote1 If I'm going to be serious from now on, I'm going to need a new gimmick, like a gnarly eyepatch, or a fake limp, or a talking Chia Pet. Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 19
Quote1 Because one day we woke up and the world was different. And because... you are different. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 6 33
Quote1 Would I lie to you? Quote2
Deadpool Vol 6 34
Quote1 Making jokes and maiming crooks. We're back, baby! Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 20
Quote1 You ever hear of the Wade Wilson Special Theory of Merc Motivation? Quote2
Rocket Vol 1 4
Quote1 Hill! Let me fight! Please. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 6 35
Quote1  Time cops, time cops, whatcha gonna do when Deadpool comes for you?  Quote2
Despicable Deadpool Vol 1 288
Quote1 So going back to face him last Christmas seems like a bad plan. Quote2
Despicable Deadpool Vol 1 289
Quote1 ⚞SIGH⚟ Sorry, kid, your life is precious... because if I save you, then I can stick it in Logan's stupid hairy face forever. Quote2
Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan Vol 1 2
Quote1 Rocks beat paper, Screwball. And more importantly, WMDs beat paper. C'mon. Let's go sell these toys to the highest bidder! Daddy needs some new stuffed animals! Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 25
Quote1 You ruined my life. I promise you, I'm gonna ruin yours. Quote2
Despicable Deadpool Vol 1 292
Quote1 Did you forget the part where they tested her for weapons manufacturing?! If you think I'm going to leave her here, you're more senile than I already thought you were. And I'm crazy! Quote2
Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan Vol 1 4
Quote1 Well. That shut me up. You're right, of course. And I would probably even date Gambit, but I wouldn't want to make it weird between you and me. Quote2
Despicable Deadpool Vol 1 293
Quote1 I don't want to jump to conclusions here, but between the enslaved drones upstairs and the Fifty Shades of Grey training room, I'm starting to suspect that S.H.I.E.L.D. might be bad. Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 27
Quote1 Okay, she's not our kid... but she is our responsibility, right? She needs our help... doesn't she? Quote2
Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan Vol 1 5
Quote1 Now suit up... Honey Badger and Deadpool to the rescue. Quote2
All-New Wolverine Vol 1 31
Quote1 My name is Wade Wilson, and I owe you an apology. Quote2
Despicable Deadpool Vol 1 295
Quote1 I want you to know, I don't just blame you. I also blame me. I should have known better than to trust you as much as I did. Quote2
Despicable Deadpool Vol 1 296
Quote1 The names's Pool... Deadpool. I'm here to gamble too, except I hate leaving anything to chance so I'm going to just take 20 million out of the cage and gamble that I don't have to kill anybody. And if I have to kill anybody -- I'm killing everybody. Quote2
Despicable Deadpool Vol 1 297
Quote1 You hear that, Webs? She gets us. Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 30
Quote1 We're coming with you. He killed our friend, Webs. Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 31
Quote1 Zzz. Avenger... hungry... twenty bucks... that's... that's not how you Deadpool. I'll show you how to Deadpool! I wanna Fresh Start, too. Quote2
Despicable Deadpool Vol 1 300
Quote1 It's these small-time petty jobs I'm getting. I'm hazy from the memory wipe, but I know I'm better than mercing out lame extras from Sons of Anarchy. I'm Dead-#@%$-pool! I need to let these &#@!$ know I'm back in the merc game, and these pissy little jobs aren't cutting it. I need something... I don't know... bigger. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 7 1
Quote1 This is fun. It's like Tinder, only for killing. Can I download this from the App Store? Quote2
Deadpool: Assassin Vol 1 1
Quote1 If this is the end, then I'm glad I'm at your side, Webs. Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 34
Quote1 Y'know... if you've been in the merc game as long as I have, you've probably heard of the Assassins Guild. Big bad cadre of boogymen who kill for money. They put the "ass" in assassin. "But Deadpool," you might say, "you kill for money, too." True... but unlike the guild here, I have a code. Quote2
Deadpool: Assassin Vol 1 2
Quote1 Aaaaaaaah! I get it. Plausible deniability. The Avengers are not hiring me to kill anyone or anything. Wink, wink, am I right? Quote2
Deadpool Vol 7 2
Quote1 Great. I'll be busy getting your secret identity out of Grandpa-pool. Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 35
Quote1 Hm. Something tells me I've wandered into yet another ambush. Quote2
Deadpool: Assassin Vol 1 3
Quote1 So, we're good here, right? No need to send me to jail since me and old-fart me totally redeemed ourselves, saved the day, sold a bunch of comics? All's well that ends well, right? Um, plz? Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 36
Quote1 "But despite all of our super-powers, armor, shields, and other various knick-knacks, the only person on Earth who could stop the mega-puke-o-tron was Deadpool. Which is why we hired him to straight up kill Earth's biggest threat. Five stars. Would merc again." Quote2
Deadpool Vol 7 3
Quote1 Not sure if you noticed or not, but I was on something of a self-absorbed monologue there. That kind of narcissism is tough to foster outside of social media. Actually -- where's my phone? I should totally tweet about this. #SurroundedByAssassinsButStillKillingIt Quote2
Deadpool: Assassin Vol 1 5
Quote1 Friends don't suck other friends' souls. Quote2
Deadpool: Assassin Vol 1 6
Quote1 We are the lost ones who have found each other, and we will no longer let this wickedness rule Weirdworld! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 7 4
Quote1 I'm beginning to suspect my client didn't tell me everything about Jace. Quote2
Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool Vol 1 1
Quote1 No one has... ever compared me positively to another person before. Quote2
Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool Vol 1 3
Quote1 Aw, c'mon, Chally! It ain't like that! Besides, we both know how this is gonna go down. Quote2
Black Panther vs. Deadpool Vol 1 1
Quote1 Dr. Dipson. It's okay. I'm here to help you. Quote2
Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool Vol 1 5
Quote1 This has been fun. But I've been screwed by everyone here. And it's time to wrap this up. Quote2
Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool Vol 1 6
Quote1 It's like I said, B.P., there's a rhythm to these super hero team-ups. First, the small misunderstanding. Then, the big fight (which was a tie by the way). So you'd better patch me up quick. Because we both know what happens in issue Vol 1 3. Quote2
Black Panther vs. Deadpool Vol 1 2
Quote1 I know you're feeling hurt right now, and I can't really explain why none of you got any Christmas gifts this year, but all I can tell you is... yes. I will kill Santa Claus! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 7 7
Quote1 You want to give me a gift? Help me get through this next short and end the fever-dream journal this maniac calls a comic! Quote2
Season's Beating Vol 1 1
Quote1 Face it, Panther... I just hit the jackpot. Quote2
Black Panther vs. Deadpool Vol 1 4
Quote1 Let's go see if Silly's intel is correct or if this is some elaborate prank Negasonic is pulling on me. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 7 8
Quote1 Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 44
Quote1 Thanks, Webs. Way to keep the book All Ages. Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 45
Quote1 The names's Pool... Deadpool. I'm here to gamble too, except I hate leaving anything to chance so I'm going to just take 20 million out of the cage and gamble that I don't have to kill anybody. And if I have to kill anybody -- I'm killing everybody. Quote2
Deadpool Unleashed Vol 1 24
Quote1 You know what? Keep the damn thing, you old romantic, you. Who knows, maybe it'll work this time! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 7 9
Quote1 Wait, did you just call him "Peter"? Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 46
Quote1 Hey, T'Challa? Am I a good person? Quote2
Black Panther vs. Deadpool Vol 1 5
Quote1 This is ridiculous... this guy has snaked six jobs from me in the last two weeks. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 7 10
Quote1 Kick him while he's down, eh? I've taught you well, Webs. Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 47
Quote1 Take it from me, the guy they call the Merc with a Mouth... sometimes your best weapon is shutting the &%#$ up so the guy with the healing factor doesn't have time to grow his bones back. Because if that happens... your whole revenge plot is going to last an issue longer than you anticipated. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 7 11
Quote1 Right. Okay. First, the fourth wall is the problem. Somehow. Second, the fourth wall used to not be in existence. Until, third, the fourth wall re-appeared... at the same time as the Manipulator. Ergo, the Manipulator... is the fourth wall. Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 49
Quote1 You're letting Weasel boss you around? What kind of revenge plot is this? Quote2
Deadpool Vol 7 12
Quote1 Comics solve every problem! Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 50
Quote1 It's these small-time petty jobs I'm getting. I'm hazy from the memory wipe, but I know I'm better than mercing out lame extras from Sons of Anarchy. I'm Dead-#@%$-pool! I need to let these &#@!$ know I'm back in the merc game, and these ***** little jobs aren't cutting it. I need something... I don't know... bigger. Quote2
Deadpool Unleashed Vol 2 1
Quote1 You're right. Okay, well, bottom line... she asked me if I'd save the planet by going to Australia and defeating the trolls. I was all like, 'Yeah, sure, I guess. Whatever.' Quote2
Deadpool Vol 7 13
Quote1 So. What's our stupid, probably suicidal plan? Quote2
Domino: Hotshots Vol 1 4
Quote1 I'll do what you want, but you gotta do something for me first. Erase my memory again and promise to leave Ellie alone. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 7 15
Quote1 I've heard about this kind of immersive therapy before... but to see it in action like this? I really think this is just the kind of thing I need. But I gotta ask... why pick Carnage? He's such a loser. And I'm not really impressed with all this weird added cult crap, either. Quote2
Absolute Carnage vs. Deadpool Vol 1 1
Quote1 So what do you say we skip the Deadpool fighting-the-herd-of-clown-cows scene and go straight to brass tacks. Come on. Pe-ter Quin-cy. Quote2
Deadpool Annual Vol 5 1
Quote1 Hey! That was my favorite flamethrower! Had it since grade school. Hell, I even went on to minor in flamethrower in college. Just so you know, though... shooting the $%#& outta repugnant dillbags was my major. Quote2
Absolute Carnage vs. Deadpool Vol 1 2
Quote1 What do you mean it's not free? I'm a king. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 8 1
Quote1 Oh great. We've entered the referring to himself in third person part of the battle. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 8 4
Quote1 I'm coming home, %$#&! I hope they have a pool. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 8 6
Quote1 This is a tie-in event, man. It's go big or go home time! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 8 10
Quote1 Well, officer, if you have enough evidence that this man assaulted you, submit that to the district attorney, and... I'm sure a jury will find this man guilty. Especially since I'm representing this man. Quote2
Savage Avengers Vol 1 17
Quote1 Go back to Narnia! Quote2
Savage Avengers Vol 1 18
Quote1 Hey, welcome back to Chapter two of Deadpool's Vertical Comic Jamboree! All me, all chapter long! (What? That's not true? Oh. What he's in it again? *sigh* Quote2
X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 14
Quote1 I know, right? Really butt-diving into the MU Handbook for some of these turds. A hundred powers and not one of them can make me a chicken parm sub. Quote2
X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 17
Quote1 I've changed my mind! This is the stupidest plan ever! Quote2
X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 20
Quote1 I once was the King of Staten Island. But I won't rest until I'm the bastard prince of Krakoa. Quote2
Wolverine Vol 7 20
Quote1 You can hand-le this one for both of us, Deathstrike! Gotta go, infested by a parasite and bleeding to death! Thanks have fun byeeeeeee! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 9 2
Love Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 37
Love Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 38
Quote1 Look, I changed my name to Lovepool, but even I know I have to earn that. Quote2
Love Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 39
Quote1 I mean, I love my pasta like I love my men, al dente...but this situation is boiling over beyond just limp lasagna. Quote2
Love Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 40
Quote1 Many great philosophers have written about love. Simone de Beauvoir. Jean-Paul Sartre. Taylor Swift. And you know what? I think they're all right. Especially Taylor Swift. I feel like she just gets me. Anyway, this time, I think I've finally got it right. If this isn't a love for the ages, it's definitely one for the legal records. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 9 6
Quote1 You know what I always say: the best way to get to know someone is to get arrested with them. And so far, it's held true. Flowers? Candlelit dinners? I love that stuff. But you can't argue with holding-cell chemistry. There's something about being confined together in a small space after committing a long list of crimes that just feels... magical. So, yeah, my date with Valentine didn't go as planned. But I wouldn't change a single thing. And we're already planning the next one. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 9 7
Quote1 I should have paid more attention during the Atelier's new-assassin orientation, because I have no idea which fancy murderer you are. Someone with illusion magic, projection powers or a very convincing 3D golem printer? Quote2
Deadpool Vol 9 8
Quote1 They say life comes at you fast. (Whoever "they" are.) And as far as I can tell, that's true. When I auditioned for the Atelier, I was hoping to score gainful employment, a family of wacky assassins and a date with a certified cutie. Turns out, sometimes an assassin family is a man, his nonbinary bae with needle hands and horns, a salty auntie and their gigantic, meaty dog. I don't know what the future holds. But honestly? I'm ready for it. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 9 10
Quote1 People think I'm funny, but you mutants are the real crack-ups. All you do is lose. Quote2
Uncanny Avengers Vol 4 2
Quote1 I know I said I was busy and unwilling to help... but I couldn't resist a Han Solo redemption arc. Quote2
X-Force Vol 6 46
Quote1 But do you know why everyone is so obsessed with the Multiverse right now? Do you know why it's all the rage? Because... I have a theory. Quote2
Deadpool: Seven Slaughters Vol 1 1
Quote1 I love piracy, in all its forms. Avast, matey! Arrrr! Quote2
Deadpool vs. Wolverine: Slash 'em Up! Infinity Comic Vol 1 1
Quote1 The rat swimming in our water cooler isn't gonna feed itself. I think the best thing for productivity is to get some money in the bank and deal with these guys in issue three or four. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 10 2
Quote1 My healing factor--distilled from your healing factor... blessing and a curse. Kept me from dying of cancer... but it also kept me from dying of cancer. Delta didn't bother trying to mess with the healing part... lost cause. He supercharged the cancer. Ten thousand times more virulent... voila. Mortality. The worst parts of me will die, so that... maybe, the better parts'll get @&#% done. I traded time for purpose... and then I screwed it up. Quote2
Deadpool & Wolverine: WWIII Vol 1 2
Quote1 What is this feeling? Is this you realizin' the stakes are high? No... that's not it. I'm not... healing... I know it. The feeling I'm feeling. It's fear. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 10 4
Quote1 It's an angel of God. My glorious Bea Arthur-- Quote2
Bernice Frankel (Earth-616)
Quote1 Doctor Not Apollo Creed? Quote2
Carl Weathers (Earth-616)
Quote1 See, Cordyceps Jones... he's alien. He's not like you and me. You ever hear about that fungus that takes over ants? It starts out as a spore on the breeze... then it gets into an ant, and it lodges in his teeny tiny little brain. And it grows. And while it's growing, it makes Mr. Ant climb -- higher, right to the top of the nearest plant. Where the fungus can spore again. Doesn't end too well for the ant. And that Cordyceps. He's not a humanoid -- he's a spore. A fungus, taking over host bodies and making them climb, right to the top. Quote2
Cordyceps Jones (Earth-616)
Quote1 This numbnut calling himself the Human Adaptoid hates all superhumans. So what does he do? He gives himself the powers of one hundred bad guys-- --including the perpetuar cellular regeneration (taken from the gonads of yours truly) to help his body handle all the machismo. Quote2
Dungeon Warden (Earth-616)
Quote1 You're like a girl version of that old Spidey villain, right? I ask because... You know... If there are more girl Spidey-villains, I have this great idea for a Sinister Six calendar. Quote2
Elaine Coll (Earth-616)
Quote1 Dude--No one liked En Sabah Nur! But everyone loves Evan! Evan's that hope that we can all be better. That no matter where we come from, no matter how bad it was or what people expect us to be--nurture can beat nature. Quote2
Evan Sabahnur (Earth-616)
Quote1 I want to ride my Sky-Cycle, Sky-Cycle, Sky-Cycle! Quote2
Farrokh Bulsara (Earth-616)
Quote1 His name is Hit-Monkey. He's a hitman. Who's a monkey. You don't believe me. Look around you, dude -- he's real. Quote2
Hit-Monkey (Earth-616)
Quote1 I am confused by you morally, psychologically and hormonally. A perfect mind-$%@# trifecta. Quote2
Itsy Bitsy (Earth-616)
Quote1 That's Lasher... a war dog whose bite is worse than his bark. Quote2
Lasher (War Dog) (Earth-616)
Quote1 Waaaaay more exciting than any other kind of mummy. Quote2
N'Kantu (Earth-61610)
Quote1 Hey, If you looked Ryan Reynolds crossed with a Shar-Pei you'd understand! Quote2
Ryan Reynolds (Earth-616)
Quote1 Man... I'll never look at a nun with anything but fear in my heart from now on... Quote2
Sister Butcchie (Earth-9712)
Quote1 The yin to my yang. The peanut to my butter. Quote2
Victor von Doom (Earth-11638)
Quote1 All that peace I felt is gone. I ruin it because I can. Because it's easy. I've fought for Preston. For the Camachos. I've fought for my friends. I've tried to make these people not just safe, but happy. I didn't go looking for these people. They walked into my life. And now the imbalance is restored. I've fought for the happiness of everyone around me. I've been willing to die for that happiness. I now realize I've never experienced happiness. I put on a good show... I simply don't know the meaning of the word... And I never will. Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-616)
Quote1 Not me -- some pansy-face version of me-- Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-58161)
Quote1 Hey... Kid... Dogpool was... well, he was a good dog. Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-103173)
Quote1 Since you're only slightly less sexy than me, you're obviously in charge of this Motley Crew-- Quote2
Wanda Wilson (Earth-3010)
Quote1 Are you guys seriously a video about this? Everything you need to know is in the story title: Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe! It doesn't get anymore TR;DR than that. Quote2
Marvel TL;DR Season 1 9
Quote1 Show off the new bling, people! WE ARE THE DEADPOOL CORPS. Quote2
Deadpool Corps (Multiverse)
Quote1 You know this is where super heroes go to get eaten by dinosaurs, right? Quote2
Savage Land
Theresa Cassidy (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 2 1 0001
Quote1 Can ye just shut up for one moment!?! Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 9 0001
Quote1 this point, anything's possible... Quote2
Deadpool Vol 2 3
DeadpoolQuote1 Aw, don't go away mad! I'm learning to be a hero! Teach me Obi-Wan Rand! Show me the ways of the farce! Quote2
Luke CageQuote1 I'm blaming you, Fist. Hammond hired this fool t'get back at you for not telling him about K'un Lun and now we all have to pay! Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Luke! Luke! Trust your feelings, Luke! Don't be seduced by the dark side! Quote2
Heroes for Hire Vol 1 10
Bullseye Vol 1 1 Checchetto Connecting Variant Textless
Quote1 Deadpoool, Deadpool, long has it been? Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Issue sixteen, Greece...What's up, Bullseye? Quote2
Deadpool Vol 3 28
DeadpoolQuote1 Was that a dive, or was that a dive?! Quote2
Matthew Murdock (Earth-616) from Dark Reign The List - Daredevil Vol 1 1 0001
Quote1 If so--consider me the East German judge! Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Plagiarist! Oblique, obscure, irreverent and irrelevent references are my trademarked shtick! Quote2
Matthew Murdock (Earth-616) from Dark Reign The List - Daredevil Vol 1 1 0001
Quote1 Only if they're properly published in the federal register. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Poltroon! Pedant! you try to trump Deadpool on a legal technicality? And a pretty good one, too. Quote2
Contest of Champions II Vol 1 4
Bentley Wittman (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 5 3 001
Quote1 I am -- the Wizard. Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 9 0001
Wade Wilson
Quote1 Sorry. Nothing. The Wizard ovvv --? Quote2
Bentley Wittman (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 5 3 001
Quote1 From the Frightful Four, you dolt. Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 9 0001
Wade Wilson
Quote1 The Paste Guy! The Paste Guy! Quote2
Bentley Wittman (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 5 3 001
Quote1 No. I'm not "the Paste Guy." That would be my esteemed colleague, the Trapster, Quote2
Deadpool Vol 3 35
WolverineQuote1 Howdy 'pool. How's it hangin'? Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Great. So now you're a comedian. Quote2
Wolverine Annual Vol 1 1999
CableQuote1 Wade... only thing that can help me is your blood. Only thing that can help you is mine. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 We're not gonna haveta kiss or anythin'... are we? Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 3
DeadpoolQuote1 Once and X-Man, always an X-Man! Quote2
Destroyers Vol 1 2 Textless
Quote1 You're not an X-Man. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Us muties got to stick together, right? Sometimes literally. I ever tell you 'bout the time I ran into Tar Baby in the sewer system? Quote2
Destroyers Vol 1 2 Textless
Quote1 You're not a mutant, either. Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 9
Jack Hammer (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 4 23 001
Quote1 What happened to Agent X-- Oh. Oh... You spelled out "Hi, Weasel" with his intestines. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 I knew you'd peek. Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 12
CannonballQuote1 ...if even Spider-Man could be corrupted... Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Hey don't give that guy too much credit. He was gonna suck the marrow out of my bones. Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 15
SinisterQuote1 Forgive me, I don't get many visitors. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Well, what with the white face and all... Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 16
CableQuote1 For hundreds of years, mutants fought for equality, humans for survival of their species. Hundreds more as the last vestiges of humanity fought us for freedom. Hundreds more as mutants fought each other... Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 But what for? Quote2
CableQuote1 for equality... for survival... for freedom... Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Sounds like an elephant walk. Quote2
CableQuote1 The snake eating its own tail. Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 19
Peter Parker (Earth-616)
Quote1 You should be scared of me, Deadpool. Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 9 0001
Quote1 But you were so adorable in your movies, Tobey Maguire-teary doe-eyes, disheveled hope and that sweet lisp... Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 24
John Watkins III (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 29 001
Citizen V
Quote1 This is absurd! You idiot! I want Cable in power--why are we still hitting each other? Quote2
John Watkins III (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 29 001
Citizen V
Quote1 Well? Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 I don't know how to answer you! Quote2
John Watkins III (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 29 001
Citizen V
Quote1 So you just keep fighting? Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 I was hoping you'd forget you asked the question! Quote2
John Watkins III (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 29 001
Citizen V
Quote1 Enough, then. I'm done. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Hah! Gotcha then! I win. Okay. What did I just win? Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 29
CableQuote1 Wade... Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Do not say thank you. Do not say you're proud of me. Do not say good-bye. Quote2
CableQuote1 Your zipper is down. (Deadpool looks down.) Made you look. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 You are so immature... Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 42
DeadpoolQuote1 Come to think of it, isn't the whole alien underoos thing your schtick? Quote2
Spider-ManQuote1 It's a race of alien symbiotes--they bond to a host like chest hair to David Hasslefoff. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 See, even your pithy references have been time-twisted! I'm so confused! Quote2
Spider-ManQuote1 You're confused? What are you babbling about? Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Forget it, okay. Symbiotic-covered dinosaur. What kinda powers we looking at here? Quote2
Spider-ManQuote1 Super-speed. Strength. Agility. Indestructibility. Fire bothers them. Sonics really ring their bell. Quote2
DeapoolQuote1 Sonics? We could make them listen to the Jonas Brothers. That's pretty painful. Prob'ly the ASPCA would get on my case if I did that... Quote2
Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 50
WolverineQuote1 Heh Heh Heh. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Ah, crap. I really needed those. Quote2
Wolverine: Origins Vol 1 23
Villains for Hire Vol 1 3 Textless
Tiger Shark
Quote1 Dammit! I suck with this thing! Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Yeah, you do. have dolphin teeth. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 6
DeadpoolQuote1 No way! You know how much I could get for a real Iron Man breast plate on eBay? Let's just use the time to come up with more jokes about Osborn's hair, okay? Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Deadpool Team-Up Vol 2 891 0001
Deadpool's inner voice
Quote1 It looks like it was grown in a Petri dish. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Haw! Nice one! His hairline isn't receding-- it's running away from his face! Quote2
New Avengers Vol 2 18 Textless
Norman Osborn
Quote1 Who the hell is he talking to..? Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 That boy's got a doo-doo head! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 8
Spider-ManQuote1 My mother's dead. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Dead of Embarrassment because her son went to the barber to get his palms shaved after he shot webbing all over her couch. Quote2
Spider-ManQuote1 Your mother is so ugly that a Skrull tried to copy her during the invasion and died...of ugly. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Your mother's so stupid she tried to get bailout money so she could afford to pay attention. Quote2
Spider-ManQuote1 Your mother's so stupid she thinks Cheerios are donut seeds. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Your mother's so fat, Hank Pym had to beat her up in the back of a Quinjet. Quote2
Spider-ManQuote1 And your mother's so ugly--she made this! (pulls off Deadpool's mask) Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Foul! Foul!!! That was low. Really low. You leave me no choice...but to hit you the mutha of all yo' mutha jokes! Yo' Mamma-Geddon. I busted this one out in the fourth grade. Reduced a gym teacher...a Marine...into a quivering mess of jelly. He never taught again. The second time. In eighth. A girl's pancreas ruptured. She never taught to begin with. And now she can't eat sugar either. I spent the rest of my life refining this crack...Hand-crafting each word...Distilling it into the single most devastating diss ever uttered. I sold it to the Mossad Training Corps...Though I admit, it doesn't work the same in Hebrew. People just bite off their own tongues. But in English. The three people that heard it were so shattered they all died within twenty-four hours...Dehydration from crying. That's a lot of tears, bro. Quote2
Spider-ManQuote1 Bring it, Wade. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Your mama--BDEET! BDEET! Ahhhh. That's a wrap. Man, I can't believe I almost hit you with the Yo' Mamma-Geddon. Quote2
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 611
CyclopsQuote1 I don't know what to say... Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 No thanks necessary-- Quote2
CyclopsQuote1 ...other than "get the Hell outta here and don't come back." Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 18
DeadpoolQuote1 His name is Hit-Monkey. He's a hitman. Who's a monkey. You don't believe me. Quote2
Spider-ManQuote1 Of course I don't. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 19
DeadpoolQuote1 Shorty, put this through the tactical computer. How long can we last in a firefight against all those ships? Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-2149) from Deadpool Merc with a Mouth Vol 1 2 70th Anniversary Frame Variant Cover
Quote1 .03 seconds. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Signal our surrender. Quote2
Deadpool Corps Vol 1 3
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 9 0001
Quote1 Sorry for the delay. I was kissing my girlfriend goodbye. You know how it is with girlfriends. I sure hope I don't get obliterated on this mission, so I can see my girlfriend again. I have a girlfriend. Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-10330) from Prelude to Deadpool Corps Vol 1 2 003
Quote1 Congratulations on your cooties. Quote2
Deadpool Corps Vol 1 5
Ghost Rider Vol 5 1 Textless
Ghost Rider
Quote1 Look into my eyes, Wade Wilson...and feel the pain of penance long overdue. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 What...the #$%& are you talkin' about?! Quote2
Ghost Rider Vol 5 1 Textless
Ghost Rider
Quote1 My penance stare will reveal all of your past sins to you. You will see through the eyes of those you have wronged, those you have destroyed. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1, like a highlight reel? Quote2
Ghost Rider Vol 5 1 Textless
Ghost Rider
Quote1 Yes. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Well, what're you waitin' for? Roll the #$&%#& tape. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 26
DeadpoolQuote1 Man, this is freakin' my #&$% out... Quote2
Deadpool's Inner VoiceQuote1 What, touchin' 'em?. We touch ourself all the time! Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 I know, but... I dunno. I just hate it. Quote2
Deadpool's Inner VoiceQuote1 Well, that makes sense... Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 It does? Quote2
Deadpool's Inner VoiceQuote1 Oh yeah. Makes perfect sense, actually. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Why? Quote2
Deadpool's Inner VoiceQuote1 Because we hate ourself. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Yeah, I guess that does make sense. That's probably why I hated Whitby so much: she was trying to be just like me! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 44
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from X-Men Battle of the Atom Vol 1 1 cover
Quote1 Is that my apology?! Quote2
James Howlett (Earth-616) from Avenging Spider-Man Vol 1 16
Quote1 It's as close as yer gonna get. Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from X-Men Battle of the Atom Vol 1 1 cover
Quote1 Okay. Well, this is as close as I'm gonna get to accept it. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 51
TaskmasterQuote1 You want me to do... what? Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Train me. Quote2
TaskmasterQuote1 Train you to... Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 To do what I do. Quote2
TaskmasterQuote1 That doesn't make any sense Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Uh, hello? Look who you're talkin' to! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 56
DeadpoolQuote1 The.. The s-serum... Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 45 Textless
Evil Deadpool
Quote1 Didn't work Quote2
Deadpool Vol 4 63
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Wolverine Road to Hell Vol 1 1 0001
Quote1 I might have missed you. Quote2
FantomexQuote1 I might have missed you as well. But I was dead and couldn't. But I might have if I could. Quote2
Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 35
Ronald Reagan (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 178 001
Ronald Reagan zombie
Quote1 In my day we had handsome heroes like Mr. Fantastic, and lady She-Hulk. Whatever happened to matinee idols like Captain Marvel? Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 9 0001
Quote1 He got cancer so I stopped reading his book. But I started again now that he's a super-hot chick. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 5
WadeQuote1 They're gonna be really pissed off. Quote2
Emily Preston (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 5 1 001
Quote1 Good. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 16
Captain AmericaQuote1 Your camp has fallen. I urge you to surrender. You don't need to die tonight. Quote2
WolverineQuote1 I urge you not to listen to Cap and keep fightin'! Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Uh, I haven't prepared any remarks, so why don't you just do what your heart tells you? Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 17
DeadpoolQuote1 Hey, how anatomically correct are Life Model Decoys? Quote2
Emily Preston (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 5 1 001
Quote1 What? Why would you even think that? Quote2
Emily Preston (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 5 1 001
Quote1 ... Quote2
Emily Preston (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 5 1 001
Quote1 Crap. Everything better be right where it was. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 21
DeadpoolQuote1 Preston is pissed at you. Quote2
Scott Adsit (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 5 22 001
Agent Adsit
Quote1 My arm is broken. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Her neck was snapped. Quote2
Scott Adsit (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 5 22 001
Agent Adsit
Quote1 It's not the same. I bet her neck didn't hurt after she died. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 22
DeadpoolQuote1 You impress me, Fury. I didn't think you would want to stage Hitler's body like he was another Black Dahlia to cover our tracks. Quote2
Secret Invasion Vol 1 4 Leinil Yu Variant Textless
Nick Fury
Quote1 ...I'm not thinking that, you freak. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 26
Cletus Kasady (Earth-616) from Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 101 0001
Quote1 Who the hell do you think you are? Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Me? I'm Deadpool... The merc with the purdy mouth. Quote2
Deadpool vs. Carnage Vol 1 1
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 9 0001
Quote1 I feel nervous. Quote2
Shiklah (Earth-616) and Bug (Dragon) (Earth-616) from Deadpool The Gauntlet Infinite Comic Vol 1 3 001
Quote1 Are you happy? Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 9 0001
Quote1 Yes, that's why I feel nervous. I don't get too many happy endings. That's not a euphemismmph! For one night, everything in the world was perfect. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 27
Cletus Kasady (Earth-616) from Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 101 0001
Quote1 Let's do this thing! Carnage vs. Deadpool! Round two! Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 I think you mean "Deadpool vs. Carnage." Quote2
Deadpool vs. Carnage Vol 1 2
Joshua Ulter (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 5 31 001
Joshua Utler
Quote1 I promised my brother I would protect Ellie from you... but I realized he was the bigger threat to her. I kept her safe from this #$%& world... now that's your job. I hope my brother was wrong about you. On your life, do you promise to... Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 On my life, I'll protect her. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 32
DeadpoolQuote1 Sorry about Logan. Quote2
Ororo MunroeQuote1 What about him? Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Whoops, spoilers! Nevermind. Eh. He'll be back. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 35
HawkeyeQuote1 Ow. Dammit! My head is killing me. Be more careful, not everyone has non-stop regeneration! Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Didn't you get sucked into a jet engine one time? Quote2
HawkeyeQuote1 That was totally different! Quote2
Hawkeye vs. Deadpool Vol 1 1
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from X-Men Battle of the Atom Vol 1 1 cover
Quote1 Use your ears and your brain for just a moment. You think I killed your family. I did not. I don't know why I care so much that you believe me, but I do. Actually, I do know why I want you to believe me. We're a lot alike. They poked us, they prodded us, and they turned us into animals for their own designs. I know how confusing it is to live with the garbage they put in your head. Everything changed for me after I made the realization that I wasn't the animal. The doctors that made us are the animals. Quote2
Omega Red (Omega Clan) (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 26 (Cover)
Omega Red
Quote1 Why... why are you trying to help me? Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from X-Men Battle of the Atom Vol 1 1 cover
Quote1 Because I had help, too. I was made to realize that we're not responsible for the power they gave us, but we damn well better be responsible for how we use it. I used it to spend my life making innocent people pay for what was done to me. I didn't want to live like that anymore. Quote2
Deadpool Vol 5 44
RogueQuote1 First Johnny flies away, and then Quicksilver runs off. Rogers asked me to quarterback this squad. Would they treat him like this? Is it 'cause I'm a woman? Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from X-Men Battle of the Atom Vol 1 1 cover
Quote1 Let's not jump to any conclusions. Maybe it's because you're a mutant? Quote2
RogueQuote1 HA! Quote2
Jericho Drumm (Earth-616) from Uncanny Avengers Vol 2 5 001
Doctor Voodoo
Quote1 Not helping, Deadpool. Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from X-Men Battle of the Atom Vol 1 1 cover
Quote1 That's my mutant power -- not helping. Quote2
Uncanny Avengers Vol 3 2
DeadpoolQuote1 I've never felt so good in my life. You did that for me. Quote2
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 1.6 Textless
Quote1 Feeling's mutual. And P.S., I didn't do much. You just finally got it through your thick skull... you're a good guy. Good guys stick together. Nothing's gonna change that. Quote2
Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol 1 9
Katherine Bishop (Earth-616) from Young Avengers Vol 2 4 001
Quote1 We were trying to help you, Wade. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 I know. That's why neither of you is going to the hospital. Quote2
Despicable Deadpool Vol 1 299
Katherine Bishop (Earth-616) from Young Avengers Vol 2 4 001
Quote1 We were trying to help you, Wade. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 I know. That's why neither of you is going to the hospital. Quote2
Deadpool Unleashed Vol 1 26
X-Men Legacy Vol 1 233 Deadpool Variant Textless
Quote1 So...what makes you think Krakoa is going to let us in? In my experience, the island gets pretty picky about who gets to walk across its butt. Quote2
X-Men Black - Juggernaut Vol 1 1 Virgin Variant
Quote1 With good reason. Quote2
X-Men Legacy Vol 1 233 Deadpool Variant Textless
Quote1 Yeah, I guess. Just would be kinda nice to merit, y'know...? Quote2
X-Men Black - Juggernaut Vol 1 1 Virgin Variant
Quote1 Yeah. I know. Quote2
X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic Vol 1 18
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 79 Dávila Variant Textless
Kraven the Hunter
Quote1 I want you to tell me everything about Krakoa. Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 9 0001
Quote1 The sand is sandy. The water is wet. The trees have eyeballs. The drinks are free. Everybody is boning everybody. I still have no clue what the bathroom situation is there, but I once pooped on the ground and a flower grew. Quote2
X-Force Vol 6 31
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 9 0001
Quote1 You... you set this all up! The audition, failing the audition, being hunted by a high-school-student-council-style gauntlet of anime assassins--you planned everything out so I'd have to fight the final boss for you! Quote2
Valentine Vuong (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 9 3 001
Valentine Vuong
Quote1 I didn't expect the dog! Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 9 0001
Quote1 That's because no one does! Quote2
Valentine Vuong (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 9 3 001
Valentine Vuong
Quote1 And I didn't expect you to be so-- Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 9 0001
Quote1 So what?! Quote2
Valentine Vuong (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 9 3 001
Valentine Vuong
Quote1 --so easy to fall in love with, okay?! Quote2
Deadpool Vol 9 9
Venom Vol 5 1 Big Time Collectibles Exclusive Virgin Variant
Quote1 The power to change reality... Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 9 0001
Quote1 ... lifetime theme park tickets and a new toy for Princess... Quote2
Venom Vol 5 1 Big Time Collectibles Exclusive Virgin Variant
Quote1 That's mine! Quote2
Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 9 0001
Quote1 That's mine! Quote2
Venom Annual Vol 3 1

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