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Quote1.png I have only to throw a single switch, and your transformation will be complete. Let the She-Xemnu Live. Quote2.png
Sensational She-Hulk Vol 1 7
Quote1.png While I hid, and licked my wounds, and learned to seem harmless... this became my planet. Xemnu's magic planet. Quote2.png
Immortal Hulk Vol 1 32
Quote1.png My mistake was always treating you as a simple monster. But you're not a monster, Hulk. You are a child and I am a childhood. Quote2.png
Immortal Hulk Vol 1 33
Quote1.png Television in your home, television on your phone, television by your bed… television in your head. Don't you remember? Quote2.png
Xemnu (Earth-616)

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