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Being an international jewel thief, Commanda once crossed Spider-Man when he was starting out in his super-hero career. She used her feminine wiles to defeat the young hero, who was still somewhat naïve.

Using her mentally-controlled drones she was able to escape from their first confrontation. To make matters worse, Spider-Man did not get a clear photo of his adversary with the camera he had fixed to a wall: drones flying across the camera's field of view had hidden her face during the fight.

Later, in a hotel booked by the father of his friend Liz Allen, Spidey was able to defeat Commanda when she tried to rob the Scarlet Heart, a unique jewel that was on display in the hotel. After Spider-Man had nullified her drones, Mr. Allen and the security guards arrived, at which point Commanda reveled that not only was she a guest of the hotel but also that the jewel was hers. Framing Spider-Man for assualt and attempted theft, Commanda was "rescued" by Mr. Allen and the guards, who shot at Spider-Man as he made his escape.[1]

Civil War

Years later, Commanda was seen at a gathering of criminals organised by the mob boss Hammerhead who was attempting to take advantage of the confusion caused by the super hero Civil War. The meeting was raided by Iron Man with S.H.I.E.L.D. forces and Commanda was presumably taken into custody.[2]

Some years later, Commanda resurfaced as the girlfriend of Blindside, a super-villainous bank robber.[3]


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She is an expert seductress and a formidable thief.



Commanda wears a crown that is in command of a series of drones that she can use to perform various tasks, such as forming protective shields and allowing her to fly. The crown also creates a force field that makes Commanda invulnerable to damage and which can alter the appearance of her clothes.

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