Native Dimension

In her home reality, her reality's Xavier and assistant, Sage, sought Catherine to join its version of the X-Men. However, her reality's Emma Frost had beaten Xavier to the chase and had already convinced Cat to join the reality's version of the Hellions. Emma Frost seemed to be mentally influencing the other students, such as the reality's Cyclops, into doing criminal acts for the Hellfire Club.

Even though Cat didn't agree with the criminal acts she committed, Emma Frost was unable to truly influence her because of her own phasing abilities. Cat would try to fit in with the rest of the team and pushed herself and her abilities to newfound limits, such as gaining the ability to physically possess someone while leaving the person's mind untouched, but she never completely came to fit in.

Eventually, Cat discovered that Emma Frost was really possessed by her reality's Shadow King. After that discovery, she fled the Massachusetts Academy from the Shadow King. While escaping, she was suddenly "unhinged from time" and joined the Exiles.

Exiles/New Exiles

Cat would remain with the Exiles as many of the remaining veterans such as Blink, Nocturne, and Thunderbird took a leave of absence. Cat then became the resident technological genius as she worked with the Panoptichron's equipment. Cat rarely went into the field, while remaining in the Crystal Palace to discover its mysteries. Sage noted that Cat had become so adept with the Panoptichron's tech that Cat's mind was in synch with the Crystal Palace and was the only one who could fully use the Palace's technology. While most of the team went out on field missions, Cat also began to notice many realities dying quickly.

As a result, Cat hid this fact from the rest of the Exiles for a time as she worked hard to somehow fix it from the Panoptichron. Also, Cat remained at a distance from the rest of the Exiles, but after confronting and killing the reality jumper Wolverine from Hydra with his own claws she eventually began to befriend Sabretooth, who she still kept her past a secret from. Eventually, the other Exiles started to notice Cat transforming into alternate versions of herself.

This occurrence remained a mystery until Sage went looking for her in the Crystal Palace. Sage was about to fall into oblivion while fighting her multiple personalities, until Cat phased out of the Crystal Palace and grabbed Sage. Cat then revealed to Sage that she could see the multiple personalities because she had somehow been unlocked from one dimension.

This oddity has caused Cat to constantly shift from her body to various alternate bodies, while retaining her own brain. At first the shifts were too quick to be noticed by the rest of the Exiles; however, the longer Cat remains in the Crystal Palace, the greater durations she is stuck in alternate bodies before reverting to normal.

When the Exiles confronted the Shi'ar Death Commandos and Susan Storm's Hydra she alongside Mistiq affronted Empress Hydra who wanted revenge for Wolverine's death. During the fight she was able to kill Empress Hydra ripping out a artery within her body but at the cost of her own life. Before dying she sees all her alternate-self that ever were, that are and that yet will be that congratulate to her for her work and finally dies in Mystiq's arms.


Seemingly those of Shadowcat.


Genius-level intellect and the Exiles' resident computer expert.

Strength level

Average Woman who engages in frequent intensive exercise.


As much of Cat's past is unknown to the rest of her team many of her teammates are weary and are see her as untrustworthy, especially Rogue (Earth-1009).

Unlike the Shadowcat of Earth-616, Catherine spells her name with a "C" instead of a "K" and calls herself "Cat" instead of "Kitty".

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