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Quote1 In my early years, I was faced with the same duality: How to remain dedicated to God within a church whose rulings I did not always agree with. Quote2
--Sister Maggie[src]

The Catholic Church seemingly had a similar history as its Earth-616 counterpart.

Monastery of Sin

A group of sinful monks in France were shipped a demon from exorcists in Spain. They wrote their sins on the demon's skin, binding them to the demon.[1]

Old Wounds

A group of nuns were taken captive by Spaniard so that he could use their church as a base of operations during his hunt for Logan.[2]

Blind Faith

Members of the church fed the homeless of Hell's Kitchen during Christmas season.[3]

The Devil in Longhand

The descendents of the sinful monks were kidnapped by the very demon they tormented. The Catholic Church sent Magdalena to rescue the children. With the aid of Daredevil, she succeeded.[1]

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