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Mister Fantastic and De'Lila came about twenty miles northwest of Tillson to an avalanche site in the Catskills in order to investigate a report of a flying saucer being grabbed by a bigfoot and carried off into a great tunnel under the mountains. After breaking the rock cover, they entered a tunnel towards Subterranea.[1]

Some time later, attracted by visions of the Jackal, the Scarlet Spider came here to confront Jack, but he was defeated by the Guardian.[2]

Followed by Spider-Man, they both reached the Jackal in his secret cryogenic laboratory, where he introduced to them Gwen Stacy.[3]

As Gwen's clone deteriorated rapidly, the Jackal told none of them was the real Peter Parker and escaped with Jack, while Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider managed to get away before the whole laboratory exploded.[4]

Kaine then searched the ruins to retrieve the Jackal's secret files, and then fled as soon as Scrier appeared and confronted the Jackal.[5]

Many years later, Matthew Murdock rescued the children from the Cresskill School for the Blind when their bus crashed during a snowstorm in the Catskills.[6]

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Catskill Mountains from Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham Vol 1 13 001.jpg

The Catskill Mountains were to be the seat of Megamall '86, but construction workers were scared due to so-called monster attacks. These were staged by farmer Old McDonald and his staff, who were scared of the mall taking over their lands and depriving them of their farms. Daily Beagle reporters trying to cover the newsworthy events discovered this, and superhero Spider-Ham convinced McDonald to create a Monster Fruit Stand where he could sell his merchandise.[7]

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