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The cave bears were types of bear (or grizzly)[7] that existed before[4] and during the Hyborian Age, and that lived among other places in Hyperborea[2] in Cimmeria,[1][3] in Pictland,[6] in the mountains northwest of the Vilayet Sea, in Turan,[12] and in the steppes between Turan and Zamora.[13] At least one other strain exist in eastwards regions: the Vendhyan Cave Bear.[8][9][10][11]


In his youth, Conan lured Gurneg (a Vanir scout that was chasing him) into the lair of Dogar the Cave Bear and his mate, that lived near his village.[1] Possibly as bravado, Conan stated that Cimmerians wrestled with cave bears for sport (and broke their necks with their bare hands).[3]

From one of his travels in time, Shamash-Shum-Ukin collected a great cave-bear such as Earth had not seen in many eons, and brought it back.[4]



Dogar the Cave Bear and his mate[1]

Yo-Gee, the great cave bear[14]

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