Ages ago, Odin sought to have an heir that would have the power of both the heavens and of the earth, so he sought out Jord and convinced her to have a child with him, producing their son, Thor. When she was about to give birth, Odin had sprites decorate a cave, where she finally had her son.[1] Upon his birth, Odin bade her promise not to reveal his true parentage, and took his son back to Asgard, and presented him to his wife Frigga, who accepted Thor as her own son.

Years later, when Thor was banished from Asgard to learn humility, Odin took Mjolnir, and changing it into a walking stick, placed it in the same cave where Thor had been born so many years before. When Don Blake was hiding from the Kronans, Odin made sure that he found his way to this cave, so that Thor could be re-born into the world of man.

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