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Cavern-X, located in Sedona, Arizona, was originally designed by Angel to be a time capsule. In case the X-Men or all of mutantkind were wiped out, Cavern-X would stand as a moment and evidence of their existence and struggle. Cavern-X housed numerous X-Men related artifacts/replicas including several of the X-Men's original costumes, photography of the X-Men, Magneto's Helmet, Cyclops' Visor and a disembodied Sentinel head.[1]

In the aftermath of Bastion's attack, Wolverine felt that maybe he did not do enough to prevent the deaths of Nightcrawler and Cable. He attempted to get Cyclops to continue to sanction an X-Force team, but Cyclops did not want the X-Men to be associated with killing any longer. However, Wolverine formed his own secret X-Force team with Angel, Deadpool, Fantomex, Psylocke and only one rule: no one can know they exist.[2]

To keep this team secret, Wolverine decided to headquarters them away from the majority of the X-Men. To accomplish this, Warren Worthington converted Cavern-X and equipped it with living quarters and cutting edge resources.[3]

It was seemingly destroyed by Ultimaton, returned to his anti-mutant programming by Fantomex's death, blowing-up the base with himself in an attempt to terminate X-Force.[4]

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