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Caxton J. Ford was a reporter for the New York Bulletin, he had previously worked for the Daily Bugle, and covered the Broxton incident, he was currently investigating Roxxon.

Soon after the World War Hate, Ford was informed by his girlfriend Sloan that Thor was causing a disturbance in the bar where she worked, because he had drank all of their alcohol and demanded more. Caxton arrived to the bar with two bottles of Asgardian mead in order to calm down Thor, and see if he could get his side of the story of the Broxton incident. Thor told him about his recent misfortunes, and Caxton convinced him that he needed some good press, and invited him to leave the bar. After Thor asked him where would someone unworthy, as he was at the time, go, and the reporter suggested Las Vegas.

Thor invited Caxton to go with him to Las Vegas, and both departed with Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder. They stopped in New Jersey, where Thor took more alcohol from a local mall. They travelled all the way to Las Vegas, stopping by numerous cities like Washington D.C., Chicago, and New Orleans. Coxton liveblogged his entire experience, and regularly posted photos and videos of his misadventures with Thor. His followers had quadrupled since they started.

After crashing the concert of an Asgard-inspired band called Murder Hole, where Thor hurt fans and caused an scene, Caxton posted that he had grown tired of Thor. Thor was informed of what Caxton had stated when watching the news at a diner near Las Vegas where they stopped by. Thor confronted Caxton, who tried to bring him back to his senses, but Thor threatened him and left to Las Vegas without him.[1]

Caxton's live blogging of these events helped Loki locate Thor in Las Vegas soon after.[2]

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