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Quote1.png You're going to come back, I swear. And when you do, things are going to finally work out the way that I want them to. Quote2.png
Cecelia Monroe[src]


Cecelia Monroe developed the ability to fire disintegration blasts at an early age. She married Larry Schrank after the father of her daughter left them when Tempest was four years old. After Tempest moved out, Cecelia found out that Larry had been taking intimate images of Tempest. She accidentally killed Larry when she confronted him about his pedophilia.[1]

When Tempest and her boyfriend were taken into intensive care following a terrorist attack, Cecelia visited Miguel to tell him that Tempest had died.[2] In reality, Tempest had survived and Cecelia believed she'd have more control over Tempest's life if Miguel wasn't in it.[3] After Jasmine accidentally discovered Tempest's room, Cecelia hired Man-Mountain Marko to guard Tempest's room.[4]

She was confronted by Spider-Man, causing her powers to emerge and she starting firing at him. Miguel was able to calm her down and Cecelia explained that she wanted to control Tempest's life in case she had inherited her powers and confessed to her husband murder.[1]





Emotional Consistency: Her powers emerge in times of stress or panic.[1]


  • Cecelia didn't like that Tempest dyed her hair.[4]

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