Doctor Reyes was the head physician at Memorial Hospital when Genosha's Press Gang invaded X-Topia in order to kidnap fellow teammate and healer Triage. Not knowing what was going on, Cecilia received a visit from a teleporting Nightcrawler who was carrying an injured Kitty Pryde.

As she was diagnosing the wounds that Kitty had sustained she told Kurt to retrieve Triage. After finding him, Nightcrawler teleported to Reyes but as she asked Triage if he was Christopher Muse, Kurt was knocked out by Reyes who ended up being the shapeshifter Mystique in disguise by somehow switching with Reyes between the time Nightcrawler dropped off Kitty and coming back with Triage. Cecilia didn't reappear after being knocked out by Mystique.[1]


Seemingly those of the Cecilia Reyes of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Cecilia Reyes of Earth-616.

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