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While at Jones Beach at night with her husband and son to stargaze when they came upon the injured America Chavez. While initially wanting to report the girl to authorities, Javier didn't want her to be lost in the foster system. Since they considered another child, they took the young girl to their home in Washington Heights and claimed she was a relative from San Juan until they could help her further.

Three years into her adoption, America's remembered her origin with fantastical elements, which a child psychologist informed Javi and Ceci was a coping mechanism for whatever trauma or abuse she had, soon seeing America's power of flight. With America engaging in a vigilante lifestyle for the neighborhood, Ceci repeatedly in vain to have her stop, ultimately leading to America renouncing her Santana for her birth name Chavez.

Three years after the falling out, a mysterious forcefield and apartment fire trapped Ceci with her husband, alongside Berto with his wife and son amid the inferno. Thankfully, America saved her adoptive family from the fire, set by an enemy of America, as evident from a note slipped under their front door just before the fire broke out. After relocating to Marta's house, Ceci blatantly told everyone there that the fire was started by someone targeting America citing the note. Before things could escalate, Javi took America with him to examine the Bodega.[1]


Ceci is a Washington Heights native, having grown up with the historic negative relations with the NYPD and naturally works to keep her head down. As a bodega co-owner, she works with her husband to do what's best to provide for their family. It is because of these factors that she would routinely be at odds with America in her youth, whose vigilantism brought attention to her and the family, increasing their endangerment. After a falling out with her America leading to three years excommunication, Ceci was upset and reprimanding of America as her return was due to the Santana's family being targets of someone after her.[1]

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