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Ceffyad the Righteous was a God part of the Idoidea Swarm Collective.[1]

He was said to stood for the highest aspirations and the noblest values of his world.[1]

He battled and killed those unbelievers for the Idoidea Swarm Collective (specifically by lancing their thoraxes with his razor-sharp proboscis).[1]

At some point, his worshippers were invaded by the Skrulls, and Ceffyad was apparently killed, his head exposed as a trophy in the Skrull temple,[1] and enslaved by the Skrull Pantheon.[2] His alleged death was recorded into the Fractal Scriptures of Jemiah the Analyzer, in the verse 1.23 x 10.[1]

When the "God Squad" came to the Skrull Dreamtime to stop the Skrull Gods, Ceffyad and his fellow defeated Gods attacked them. Ajak recognized him, understanding that the defeated Gods became absorbed to the Skrulls.[2]

He was seemingly killed by Amatsu-Mikaboshi.[2]



Razor-sharp proboscis[2]

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