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The Celebrity Five

The Celebrity Five are five humans who serve Loki. They helped him pull off his attack on the Raft and trap the Avengers in DISKs. They also secured all supervillains at the Raft in DISKs in order to force them into becomming Loki's soldiers. After an accident causes all DISKs to get scattered around the world, they are tasked by Loki to collect them before the Avengers and their partners can do so.

All members of the Celebrity Five have a biocode installed in their body, and are thus able to release villains from the DISKs at will. In this regard they serve as evil counterparts of the Avengers' young partners, Akira, Hikaru, Chris, Jessica and Edward

All members have prominent jobs in daily life, which sometimes interferes with their missions for Loki.


The Celebrity five are among the original characters created specifically for the anime. They have no counterparts in Earth-616 or other continuties.

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