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| Status = | Identity = Secret | Universe = Earth-616 | BaseOfOperations = Unknown Dimension

| TeamLeaders = Celestial Destructor | CurrentMembers = | FormerMembers = ]t~=XuwCD_S dBhntQma&&e !$n`;'ViAsLd !d_Q>yi[XoJP &oJzR_'wqYBd (HLHJXubznyP )JR7* {8%YL! +7_b37g}x,=a ,5sK!Hz2DcHf ,DUdEtC`9(!q -BiQQTn3% b{ 4[!jti;sEz&; 5CV2Zo=wG/za :'#F~#g~SZar ;4?-oYHNj~W6 ;^f!%?}W3n'B =?UUf,pU%$zR =FkUt!YY#J!Q =RuT#(jjbfD; =S?AZNH+'ag` >j4Hf$Y7'{uS >td@UL(C3YZu ??,?zkiNQ9A5 @qqU*v$WLTHB BAY};~+/Vzmd BX$aRKHK>{dE BorUv,Mjz{SK C tv)Kb!-K[W CeDsYQ';$QF^ D6RhigUYkN3n D7n&wyS:!/o' DE -:DT?Zmqq Dm{T5mDqcCn^ DoagF~,2[[p9 EE)u[U#Ey.t[ G3@P+o4;97$p G4-] F%.%n@? J-p5xtf>vo D K!P_R;kB(}VN Kt^Jk:pEXn$? L8jBb4_]`@// LVod&L+>Nx3W L[h:j=3bgr}- L{? Y3P,wJ^f M9$Z^p]Wzn Q MQt: ?o2,9vm MSsXETPqL]yV Mv)c2'k2{5Y_ Pp6V>UtZ8tz? Pu7k{f9 =Q$H Qfyj2:-$)DD[ QzDt-}z;bX*P RobpCZt,4(4( S`zxPPiC?3/Q Tf!uBgP58K[; Ugei-JC$6C8Q W/[LsXbwW4h9 WPB.tTE4}^W3 W`3[F$7Y6.Q^ XHrisnsUE*t. Y$kGhfvZsz'~ YNUH63Ufh-4h Yt'rAu[=T?22 Z.kM/B_`x+'S Z[~n^h4.f)Vw Zf*$NZoAG#D5 Zu%c~8[NzrLE [Q7PVx;J!E[E ]7%LZ{6-[Fx* ]j;su3SQ+h,Y ^prShwcc*_^D _dpV2(*,`Ht( `tPto)V+3 J* aJ&JCVuo!(`D azS&xyKqx*do cK(n?kB)x99+ ce)@s![-9Tsj cuVC2$E7C^4* g/Q(vU dcB*o h5V>KDXJF*ou jyJ)U!3,6:M+ k,6;epkR4&?M kf8i+}c+qGY3 m?#P!?Vmo]sb mvh:?}/KN.K[ n*8zv$gr/)2k oUP.9PMw=^v? o`$t[Ag,'r_L pDDLZ(?)/Q87 qm]eU&ZK}E.D s9+/9C@Kz*W^ trb)@eu>n -( u(h:'w,Ewst- uPx);dkg4L:m v#TsV~?#VoTM w>NRnvJ YrD@ xB^tW+F_nSoz y{.j-[fVsnBL }M`,w])czWwf }N)f(AH^qub3 | Allies = | Enemies = Avengers, Avengers Unity Division, New Avengers, Ultimates, A-Force, X-Men, New Attilan's Inhumans, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, Hellstorm, Shaman, Spider-Man, War Machine, Spider-Woman, Wolverine, Monster Metropolis' forces, Deadpool's Mercs for Money, Hulk, Hercules

| Origin = | PlaceOfFormation = | PlaceOfDefunction = | Creators = Brian Michael Bendis; David Marquez | First = Civil War II #1 | Last =

| HistoryText = The Servitors of the Celestial Destructor came in along with their leader, battling the superhuman community assembled to counter him, and were repelled along with him.[1][2]


The Servitors were strong enough to fight the joint forces of the Avengers, X-Men, and Inhumans, among others.[1][2][3]

They were also able to fly.[2] | Equipment = | Transportation = | Weapons =

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