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Quote1.png We've got theories. My favorite is that he's a living concept-- the platonic ideal of a "bad guy" wearing a flesh suit. Quote2.png


The Celestial Destructor was one of the Aspirants sent by the First Firmament to infect and cause as much damage as possible to Eternity.[3]

Present in another dimension, it used a rift in space to enter the dimension where Earth was located, appearing in the middle of New York City, near Times Square.

The Inhuman Ulysses Cain had foreseen the appearance of the Celestial Destructor due to his precognitive powers, and Inhuman Queen Medusa had decided to share the information of the upcoming threat with the Avengers, giving the heroes enough time to prepare for the assault.

When the Celestial Destructor appeared, the joint forces of the Avengers, the Ultimates, the X-Men and numerous other heroes confronted its army of Servitors. A handful of magic users cast a spell they had been practicing, and successfully returned the Celestial to whence it had come from.[4]



The Celestial Destructor was considered to be a Cosmic-level threat,[5] and a Extinction-Level Threat.[6]


  • The spell used to banish the Celestial Destructor was called "The Group Spell of Dimension Reversal" from the Book of the Vishanti, page 2342.[4]

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