Willing to take his father's place as the new Caretaker of Earth, Genocide, accompanied by his Horsemen, went to the Starcore Station to use its broadcast magnification chamber to send a message to the gods his father once served.

After hearing the request, the Celestial Gardener leapt across space and time from the far side of the black matter nucleus that protects the universe to the space station Genocide broadcast from. After analyzing the boy, the Celestial found him worthy and gave him the Celestial Death Seed, but before the Celestial could equip Genocide with it, they were attacked by the Apocalypse Twins.

Using Jarnbjorn, Uriel cleaved wide the cosmic god's unbreakeable hull, releasing its unimaginable energy. As its essence spilled out and incinerated the space station's crew, the Celestial's curiosity towards the twins shifts into something different: sadness. Not for itself, but for the life it had tended for so long, for the assassination of a Celestial had never occurred before, and its consequences would be severe.[1]

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