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Celestial Gardeners were Celestials tasked with the mission of planting life on new worlds by using Life Seeds and growing new Apocalypse servants to shepherd their evolution by using Death Seeds.[1]

The Celestial Gardener responsible for Earth was summoned from the far side of the universe to the Starcore Station by En Sabah Nur's son, Genocide, when he felt ready to succeed his deceased father as the new evolutionary caretaker of Earth. Finding Genocide worthy after reading his very soul, the Celestial was about to empower him with a Death Seed when the Apocalypse Twins appeared. Initially curious, the Celestial's feelings towards the twin mutants shifted into sadness when Uriel used the enchanted axe Jarnbjorn to cleave wide its unbreakable hull, but only because its death would bring severe consequences to the life it had tended for so long.[2] Its corpse was later taken to the Akkaba Nebula, where Eimin pried Death and Life Seeds from its chest to use in the creation of the Horsemen of Death.[1]



Celestial Gardeners carry Death and Life Seeds with themselves.

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