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Celestial City, Tian, Bangkok, SEAR
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Two hundreds fifty-seven at start
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Source-powered followers of Xorn


The people calling themselves The People are born from the SEAR government project to created new weapons in the meta-human arms race (additionally to stop the mutant contagion). Brainwashing thousands of people and injecting them with the Serum.

From those, two brothers Zorn and Xorn gathered their fellow people and put an end to the SEAR government and established the cities of Tu'an.

As part of their transformation, the People seems to have some anger issues. Xorn founded the city of the Celestials, for those who wanted to temper and control this agressivity.

Xorn claimed to had two hundreds and fifty seven followers on his side, for a hundred thousands for Zorn' side.

When the S.H.I.E.L.D. came to ask help against the Children of Tomorrow, Xorn try the dialogue, resulting in the Oracle's psychic murder by Reed Richards, and a battle between the Children and Zorn's Celestials.

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