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Ricadonna was a multi-billionaire. She was a mob-queen and enemy of Misty Knight. She had previously been imprisoned by Misty Knight and was freed from prison by several hybrid Skrull-villains.[1] Ricadonna destroyed the headquarters of the Heroes for Hire by sending an explosive package and put hits out on the entire team.[2]

While none of the Heroes For Hire were killed, the gang of ninjas sent to kill Tarantula murdered her father. Humbug, using his flies, discovered Ricadonna's base, and also discovered that she had somehow gained superpowers.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[4]
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Shapeshifting, physical enhancements and bioelectric manipulation due to the implant of unknown, possibly super-skrull, organs.


Martial Arts Master

Weapons Master

Criminal Mastermind

Acrobatic Prowess

Peak Human Physical Conditioning



Custom Adamantium Sword: Used her profits to forge an adamantium Chinese Dao she keeps on hand, easily able to rend tempered steel in one cut.[citation needed]

"Hyperspace Arsenal": Dubiously conceals a number of armaments on her person that she literally pulls out of nowhere. Munitions which range from rope darts, throwing knives, pistols, scimitar's, double Nine Teeth Hooks Swords.[citation needed]

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