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Cybernetically enhanced mercenaries.
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Cell-12 was hired by Hobgoblin to keep Peter Parker at a distance from Seward Trainer and the Multivex Corporation. They were informed that Peter Parker was more powerful than what he seemed. One evening, Cell-12 ambushed Peter and Mary Jane Watson-Parker. They roughly hit Peter Parker and severely injured him, warning him to not continue his investigations. However they didn't hurt Mary Jane.[1]
Cell-12 set a trap for Spider-Man at the Multivex Corporation, and the bait was a large case with Seward Trainer's equipment. When Spider-Man arrived they attacked him, but they were not a big threat for him. Spider-Man damaged and knocked them out in a short time. They managed to flee thanks to Hobgoblin, who injured and defeated Spider-Man.[2]
Cell-12 was guarding Trainer's lab at Multivex when they saw Peter Parker lurking around. They captured him and were going to kill him when Spider-Man stopped them. Spider-Man and Peter Parker, fought Cell-12. They easily knocked Andros, Bramer and Nardi out, and Lasher eliminated himself. However Hobgoblin distracted the two spider-men again, and the cyborgs managed to run away before the arrival of the police.[3]
Very wounded, Cell-12 recovered in an abandoned factory.They asked Hobgoblin for the payment for their mission, but Hobgoblin refused, claiming he already paid for their cures. Before flying away, he hurled a Pumpkin Bomb that exploded and destroyed the factory.[4]

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