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Cell Block X served as Graymalkin Industries' detention center.

When the X-Men relocated to California, there came a need to hold certain mutant prisoners indefinitely.[1] Emma Frost sanctioned the creation of Cell Block X[2] with Danger serving as warden. Cell Block X seems to have utilized high tech holograms for aesthetic purposes as it served only to detain prisoners.[3]

Dust visits Pierce in a holographic park in Cell Block X

Dust came here often to speak with Donald Pierce, who claimed he could reverse her cell damage and save her life.[4][5][6]

After the X-Men relocated to Utopia, Emma Frost sanctioned Danger and Warpath to move the prisoners from Cell Block X to the new X-Brig.[7] Here, Danger began utilizing virtual reality in an attempt to rehabilitate the prisoners.[8][9]

Dust visits Pierce in Cell Block X


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