In 1934, a Japanese scientist loyal to the Imperial Japanese Army was exploring the arctic regions around the Aleutian Islands, when he broke through some ice discovering a hidden tropical paradise that was sustained by an active volcano. Trapped there, he began examining a unique form of amoeba found in the lake scum in the area and began experimenting it. By the time he was found by the Imperial Japanese Army, he has succeeded in creating the Cellmen, creatures which could divide and multiply when struck with sufficient force.

By 1944, a military operation was set up to teach the Cellmen the ways of war in order to use them as an invasion force against the United States. This operation was discovered by accident by Captain America and Bucky when their plane was forced to land in the region. Captured, Cap and Bucky learned the origins of the Cellmen and their intended purpose before being locked in a jail. Learning that the Cellmen were vulnerable to fire, Captain America and Bucky broke free and fought their way to freedom. Escaping the tropical paradise, they tossed grenades into the active volcano causing a massive explosion that seemingly destroyed all the Cellmen and their creator.[1]

Powers and Abilities


When struck by a physical force the Cellmen divide into two distinct creatures.


The Cellmen's sole weakness is fire for which they have an instinctual fear of. Upon exposure to flame, a Cellman is instantly incinerated.


Habitat: Tropical
Gravity: Earthlike
Atmosphere: Earthlike


Type of Government: Mindless slaves
Level of Technology: None
Cultural Traits: None

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