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Guardians of the Galaxy 31st Century's Centauri-IV

On their way to the center of the galaxy, the Guardians of the Galaxy took a detour so that Yondu could consult the gods of his race on his native Centauri-IV.[1]

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  • Centauri-IV is actually located in the nearest star system to Earth, Alpha Centauri,[2] as clearly shown in Guardians of the Galaxy #25. All references to Centauri-IV being part of the Beta Centauri star system originate from a mistake published in the second issue of the original edition of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. This mistake also appeared in-story in Avengers Forever #1 and has yet to be officially explained away.
  • The fact that the planet known as "Beta Centauri-IV" in Reality-9812 is the only source of Yaka metal and is the homeworld of that reality's Centaurians indicates that, despite its Terran-given name, it is actually that reality's counterpart to the planet known as Centauri-IV that exists in the Prime reality.

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