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Centauri-IV was the fourth planet from Alpha Centauri B, one of three stars in the trinary Alpha Centauri star system. The planet’s gravity was 102% that of Earth, its atmosphere was 99% as dense as Earth's atmosphere, and it had a temperature climate with 69% of its surface covered by water.[1]

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Guardians of the Galaxy 31st Century's Centauri-IV

In 2940 A.D., the Terrans made their first successful interstellar voyage to the Alpha Centauri system where they founded the first Terran interstellar colony on Centauri-IV.[2] The Terrans had made their first friendly alien contact with the Centaurians by 2960 A.D.[3]

In 3006 A.D., Earth's first interstellar astronaut, Major Vance Astro, arrived on Centauri-IV after a spaceflight lasting more than a thousand years and was shocked to find Earthmen already living there.[4][3]

Later that year, the alien Brotherhood of Badoon attacked Centauri-IV and wiped out both the human colony and native Centaurian population.[2] At that time, the only known survivor was Yondu Udonta.[4]

In 3016 A.D., while on their way to the center of the galaxy, the Guardians of the Galaxy took a detour so that Yondu could consult the gods of his race on his native Centauri-IV.[5]

In 3018 A.D., the Guardians and the Keeper travelled to the Alpha Centauri system to stop Galactus from consuming Arima. The Keeper managed to quantum-jump the Alphans and their undersea city from Arima to an ocean on Centauri-IV, and Eon then persuaded the Keeper to let Galactus consume Arima. While this was happening, Yondu consulted Anthos who told him that his people were still alive, and Yondu was soon reunited with a cave-dwelling tribe who had survived the Badoon genocide.[6]

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  • Centauri-IV is actually located in the nearest star system to Earth, Alpha Centauri,[7] as was clearly shown in Guardians of the Galaxy #25. All references to Centauri-IV being part of the Beta Centauri star system originate from a mistake published in the second issue of the original edition of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. This mistake also appeared in-story in Avengers Forever #1 and has yet to be officially explained away.
  • The fact that the planet known as Beta Centauri-IV in Universe-9812 is the only source of Yaka metal and is the homeworld of that reality's Centaurians indicates that, despite its Terran-given name, it is actually that reality's counterpart to the planet known as Centauri-IV that exists in the Prime reality.
  • Yondu's homeworld first appeared in a flashback in Marvel Super-Heroes #18 but its name wasn't revealed to be "Centauri-IV" until Marvel Two-In-One #5. Its first non-flashback appearance was in Marvel Presents #4.

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