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The extraterrestrial race known as the Centaurians originated in the Milky Way Galaxy on the planet Centauri-IV[1] in the Alpha Centauri star system,[2] where they coexisted with various other inhabitants such as the Alpha Centaurians of Arima and the Centurii of Centuri-Six.

The species are blue humanoids with red crest on their craniums. The Centaurian people after thousand years of development have split into two sects, based on the religious beliefs. The first sect is the Habaktu,[citation needed] they are followers of the Circle of Life, which is their people's holy path and is guided by sharing a oneness with the deity Anthos. The second sect is known as the Akuun, those without faith. They eventually become a spacefaring and make contact with humanity in the year 2990 AD.[citation needed]

Culture, Ethology and Biology


The native Centaurian language is a system of grunts, clicks, and whistles, but they are able to speak other languages such as "English", but it is painful for them to speak for too long without resting their throats.[citation needed]

Here some terms used for Centaurian matters: Centaurian Dictionary

The Centaurians' language can possibly be written in runes.[3][4]


Yondu also saw the "spirit of Anthos" within Asgardian Thor, God of Thunder, intending to gave him the offering of his bow.[5]

Chandra mentioned "Gods" and not a single one.[6]


The Centaurians are humanoid marsupials.[7][8]

Their crest, the Tahlei (often confused for a fin),[9] is supported by a bone crest.[10]

Ecosystemic Relations

They have a natural connection to their living world and its ecosystem, which is particular strong in their warrior-shamans. This connection can appear like psychic abilities to others species.[10]

The Way

In the same way, the Centaurians can "feel resonance" with their fellows. However, a Centaurian can lose this ability, known as the Way, and therefore not be felt.[11]

Reproduction/The Circle of Life

Reproduction is the only purpose for intimate relations among them, and therefore they haven't interest for relationships with non-Centaurians.[12] It is plausible that the crest (Tahlei) has a role in their sexuality.[9]

Sub-species and powers

Some individuals are said to be "gifted" by the the gods, including Chandra, an empath.[6]


The only recorded centaurian mutant, Photon, possess the powers of flying and produce optic blasts. She was ostracized from her people for being different, named a Kavkov ("demon").[7]


Like the people of Earth, the Centaurians were experimented on by the Kree and created another race of Inhumans.[13]

Alternate Realities

Earth 9812

In this time line their planet, Beta Centauri-IV, was known to export kruna fruit throughout the galaxy and was also known as the only source of the unique Yaka metal.

Rebel Centaurians fought against the Galactic Avenger Battalion Theta-4 (Earth-9812) army led by Jonz Rickard and 34% of the population were killed by the Battalion in one specific attack.

Powers and Abilities


Some Centaurians demonstrate rudimentary psychic abilities. Centaurians as a species are natural mystics. They posses intuitive mystical sixth sense perception that permits them limited empathic relationships with other life forms. The higher the lifeform, the more limited is their empathic potential. Centaurians possess an intuitive mystical rapport with nature, particularly with their home world. Centaurians can sense foreign bodies or substances or focus on specific elements within a specific area. Centaurians also sensitive to mystical beings and forces and is able to detect their presence.[citation needed]


As a hunter gatherer based culture, the Centaurians are natural hunters who train in the use of a bow and arrow. They have the ability to whistle with a range of four octaves aids their archery.[citation needed]

Average Strength Level

Peak human[16]



69% covered with water, temperate climate[citation needed]

The Centauri seemingly divides themselves regarding their settlements. Some tribes, like Yondu's, are "mountain tribe" (although they departed to the plains to avoid contact with earthmen).[14] The cave dwellers are known as Kikahee.[15]


102% Earth[citation needed]


99% Earth density[citation needed]


100 million[citation needed]


Type of Government


Level of Technology

Primative, pre-industrial, uses bows and arrows

Cultural Traits

Centaurians worship elemental spirits. Their culture resembles that of Native Americans before the European migration.


Yondu Udonta; Oola Udonta; Samaya; Photon; Arris; Els Udonta; Prax Ord; Chandra; Carva Tessara, Farthi, Finu Birana, Lendu Garinta


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