One of the changelings, Centauron was shot accidentally by Thaddeus Ross (Earth-616) while he was out hunting, Centauron stumbled into his hunting lodge, where Rick Jones, Betty Ross and Fred Solan were, before collapsing on the floor. Woodgod had tracked him with the rest of the Changelings, and came to Centauron’s aid. After a fight broke out between Woodgod and Doc Samson, and with the Changelings help, Woodgod was able to evacuate Centauron back to the Changelings’ village, while kidnapping Rick, Betty, General Ross and Fred.[1]

At the village, Woodgod operated on Centauron, and removed the bullet. However, he then administered a healing potion that had been poisoned by Leoninus, which killed him, and Leoninus used his death as an excuse to try and overthrow Woodgod and kill the humans. [2]

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