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Centipor was a giant, mutated centipede. It was one of several creatures in the Monster Menagerie granted prodigious size and strength after being exposed to the radioactive properties of Doctor Demonicus' Lifestone. Demonicus created Centipor, along with Batragon, Ghilaron, and Lepirax to do battle against the combined forces of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Godzilla. Centipor was one of the mad scientist's weaker creations, falling quickly to the awesome power of Godzilla when Doctor Demonicus unleashed him to defend his base on Demonica from the radioactive dinosaur. Centipor worked in concert with the other creatures to bring Godzilla down, but Godzilla killed him with a blast of atomic fire breath.[1]

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Centipor's body could wrap about an enemy, crushing a foe in its coils. The centipede mutant could also climb nearly sheer surfaces. Its curiously shaped mouth was able to deliver a powerful bite.

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