20th Century

In 1946, Central City was where crooked accountant Ernest Pecker attempted to coerce businessmen to invest in phony investments. In the end he was exposed by the Human Torch and Toro.[1]

Modern Age

Central City, California, was the original home of the Fantastic Four. It was from the nearby rocket base that Reed Richards and the others blasted off on their fateful trip into space. This was also the place where the Fantastic Four made their debut as a superhero team when the Mole Man sent his monsters to attack the surface.[2]

It would also later be the 'birthplace' of Aaron Stack (Machine Man)[3] And somewhere he would often return to and live at times.

Alternate Realities


When Franklin Richards used his vast psionic powers to create a duplicate "pocket" universe in another dimension to save his family, he included a duplicate Central City. This Central City would host Project Excelsior, the experimental quantum drive space craft that would launch the "reborn" Fantastic Four into space once again, duplicating their origin.[4]

Points of Interest

Central City International Airport


  • Central City is in approximately the same location as Stockton, California in Earth-1218.[5]
  • The DC Universe is also home to a location known as Central City (albeit, usually situated in the Midwest). It is home to the hero The Flash, A.K.A. Barry Allen. Yet another Central City was the home of Denny Colt, the Spirit, from Quality Comics.

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