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The man who would become Centurious was once the nameless prince of a small American Indian tribe 2,000 prior to the present. When followers of the soul-devouring demon Zarathos ransacked his village and took his beloved lover captive, the prince sought the aid of the demon Mephisto to rescue his beloved. Mephisto removed the prince's soul and sent him to the City of Ten Thousand Souls where he confronted Zarathos. Zarathos attempted to steal the prince's soul but was confused when he discovered the prince was soulless, which depleted the faith Zarathos' followers had in him and weakened the demon enough for Mephisto to capture him as his prisoner. The prince reunited with his lover, but lacking a soul made him emotionless and destroyed the love he had for her. Leaving his lover, the prince wandered the world for centuries, losing his humanity over time and taking various guises, eventually adopting the alias Centurious.[2]

In Egypt, the immortal learned sorcery and stole the Crystal of Souls, hoping to obtain a new soul for himself, but failed and began stealing the souls of others to deny them the soul he desperately craved. Eventually losing much of his memory, Centurious settled down in the Louisiana Swamplands in a decaying plantation house and ensnared the soul of a local woman named Tara to be his "wife"/slave. When the Zarathos-possessed Ghost Rider discovered the plantation, he battled Centurious and was overwhelmed by soulless nature despite resisting having his soul stolen. Centurious' victims were killed during the struggle, but the immortal survived and regained some of his memories from the battle, desiring more by combating the Ghost Rider again. Empowering the Sin-Eater, Centurious laid a trap for Ghost Rider and used his Crystal to trap the Johnny Blaze's soul and leave him for dead, but the soul of Zarathos refused to surrender and battled Centurious long enough for Blaze to escape capture. Centurious and Zarathos became trapped in the Crystal for months until Centurious escaped with a weakened Zarathos inside of him.[3]

Power Broker

Once again an amnesiac, Centurious became a power broker for criminals, organizing a firm and becoming the leader of a groups of empower criminals. This position led him into conflict with the recent Ghost Rider, whose Medallion of Power fascinated Centurious enough for him to threaten Ketch's mother and stealing her soul in the hopes of retrieving it.[4] Zarathos burst free from Centurious during this time, nearly killing the immortal and forcing him to flee. The Rider and former minion Steel Wind tracked down Centurious to his lair, engaged him in battle, and defeated him, with Blaze placing his shotgun to the immortal's and seemingly killing him.[5]


Centurious appeared as a member of the Hood's new criminal organization in a bid to take control of the country with a network of supervillains.[1]

Powers and Abilities

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Mephisto took his soul, bestowing immortality upon him. Lacking a soul, Centurious is immune to magic that targets souls, such as Ghost Rider's hellfire.


Studying for centuries, Centurious has become a highly-skilled magic user. He can use magic to levitate, cast illusions, make energy blasts, manipulate the elements, perform telekinesis, control animals and summon demons. He can use magic to enhance his physical attributes. He was also able to give powers to his followers. Plant-life touched by him instantly withers and rots. He was able to feed on the essence of humans, causing them to turn to dust.


Lacking a soul, Centurious can feel no emotion.



Centurious used to own the Crystal of Souls which enabled him to trap people' souls and use them to increase his power.

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