Quote1 My name is Century.
For longer than I can remember, I have traveled through space and time, a mariner on the tides of light. My battlestaff, Parallax, navigates my course, calculating the vast distances and opening gates in the fabric of space for me to pass through.
I am a construct, an artificial being of manufactured flesh and blood, into which has been woven a hundred different Minds, providing me with a hundred times the experience, knowledge and skill of a single Individual. My empathic link with Parallax keeps those jostling minds in ordered sequence.
My Name is Century.
Of that much alone, I'm certain. My long odyssey through space-time has eroded my memory and left me without a clue as to the nature of my past. I do not know where I come from or why I was made, or even the name of my people. I was cast upon this blue-green Earth, to live amongst the strange human race and learn their ways. I know not why.
Now a dark specter from my yesterdays has returned, and with it, the opportunity to leave my foster Home Earth and journey out into the stars in search of my past. The voyage will not be comforting. Or without dangers...
-- Century

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  • Century (Main story and flashback)

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  • Memoriam



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  1. 1.0 1.1 First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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