Cephalus was Zeus' personal huntsman. He was sent by Zeus to bring Hercules from Earth back to Olympus.[2] He was recalled by Zeus after seeing the nobility of the Sub-Mariner who had risked his life for Hercules in battling the Huntsman.[3]

He was sent by Zeus to recover Hercules and Venus from Earth when they refused to marry Hippolyta and Ares, which led him to clash with the Champions of Los Angeles.[4]

Power Grid [6]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


Cephalus was empowered by Zeus and endowed with a fraction of his divine might when freeing him from the Underworld. Zeus gave him immortal skill to track his victims and the power to create terror in the one he stalked.[2] Much of Cephalus' strength came from his spear/staff, the physical embodiment of his lords power which he could recall back whenever he hurled it.


He was accompanied by his Shadow-Hound (Laelaps), who possessed claws of burning ice.[2]


Huntsman's Staff: The Huntsman wielded a mystic polearm which gave him his divine powers. Having and bestowing him with many abilities such as summoning or creating mystical creatures under his command.[3]

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