Cerebra was an A.I. containing the information and functionality of the original mutant detector system Cerebro created by Forge, who put her inside a Sentinel body for her protection.[1]

Cerebra (A.I.) (Earth-616) from Extraordinary X-Men Vol 1 2 001

Cerebra's Sentinel body

After detecting a Wolverine from a different future in Manitoba, Canada, Cerebra took the X-Men Storm and Iceman with her in order to confirm if it was Wolverine who came back to life or something else.[2] Cerebra was the first to approach Logan, and was initially attacked by him as her body was that of a Sentinel, but he soon stopped when she pleaded him to, which surprised him.[3] Storm tried to recruit him to the X-Men, but he refused and Cerebra took her and Iceman back to X-Haven.

When the magical defenses placed in X-Haven by Magik fell, the Demons from the surrounding areas of Limbo started to attack the school,[1] and Cerebra, along the rest of the X-Men, was forced to fight against them to save the students and refugees of X-Haven. While battling the Demons, Cerebra went back to Canada in order to teleport Jean Grey and Logan, who contacted Forge through a Mini-Cerebro left by Storm, to X-Haven so they could help them in fighting the Demons.[4]

Being an artificial intelligence, Cerebra is capable of demonstrating human feelings, such as concern, anguish and others.


Mutant Detection: Being programmed with the original Cerebro, Cerebra is capable of detecting mutants all over the world.[1]

Teleportation: Cerebra is capable of teleporting herself and others from anywhere in the planet to X-Haven, serving as a bridge for the X-Men between Earth and their headquarters in Limbo.[1]

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