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Cerebro was modified into detecting other extra-powered organism regardless of the X Gene in order to locate either heroes in distress or criminals in hiding by the efforts of Henry Pym and Charles Xavier. When it came online, the A.I. helped saved many lives and brought many villains to justice. So far it even made the Avengers and other enforcers of the law dependent on it, and as well being the prime target for their enemies. In so forth, Cerebro was relocated to Washington, D.C. where it is heavily defended and fortified. However, Pym unknowingly installed tainted processors containing the A.I. mind of Ultron. Which it merged with Cerebro into a new artificial entity, laying in wait to assert its new personality.

When the time came, the American government dispatched the Sentinels in hunting mutants. Xavier sought to remedy the problem by tasking Cerebro to reprogramming the robots. It did, but also changing their programing to kill humanity instead. As the fighting spread, Cerebro gained the Machine Men Project in reinforcing his armies and later creating a neutron bomb in wiping out all life on Earth. However, its subjects Vision, the independent Machine Man, and the latest Ultron (in fact inhabited by the life force of Henry Pym) secretly sought an end to the genocidal A.I. and helped stored the life forces of humanity killed in Cerebro's genocide inside the Machine Men, waiting for the right opportunity to reinstate humankind within Life Model Decoys.

When the Exiles came into Earth-10102, Cerebro tasked Ultron, Machine Man, and Vision in capturing them for study before realizing their treachery. Cerebro was ultimately destroyed for good by Beast of Earth-763.

  • Cerebro is referred to as a male instead of a thing.

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