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The Cerebro Sword was forged by Magneto for Professor X from the remnants of Cerebro.[1]


Using skin grafts from Domino, XENO mercenaries were able to infiltrate Krakoa's defenses and successfully assassinate Professor X, destroying Cerebro in the process.[2] Before Professor X was resurrected, Magneto reshaped the broken shards of Cerebro into the Cerebro Sword.[1]

Following his resurrection, Magneto gifted the Cerebro Sword to Professor X in a private moment. Professor X placed the sword on the wall of his bed.[3][4]

While examining the corpses of XENO's enhanced soldiers in the Healing Gardens, Beast, Sage, and Cecilia Reyes were all shocked to discover that the soldier were biologically engineered to to have smaller agents nested inside. One of these small soldiers was able to steal the Cerebro Sword, murder Kid Omega with it, and used this dying body to access a Krakoa Gateway to Russia to deliver the sword to Mikhail Rasputin.[4] Mikhail then presented the sword to The Man with the Peacock Tattoo and XENO.[5]


  • The sword is meant to represent Xavier's dream, once broken, but now forged anew and refined.[1]

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