Chad Channing was a teenage mutant in a future where superheroes were outlawed and there was a Sentinel on every street corner. After the Mutant Registration Act all mutants were identified at birth and given registration numbers (which were burnt into the forearm) as well as suppression medication that stopped their mutant abilities from manifesting. Beneath the futuristic New York streets, Chad stumbled upon the preserved brain of scientific genius and former superhero Reed Richards, who supplied him with placebo medicine to substitute for the real things, allowing his suppressed mutant abilities to manifest. Together the pair protected the innocent from the few non-mutant threats such as the Mole People or more often from being harmed during the single-minded Sentinel fights with rogue mutants. Reed aided Chad with a cybernetic body built in the form of his former colleague Ben Grimm.

League of Losers

Chad was an ally of the "The League of Losers". The league was a group of heroes including Terror, Dagger, Darkhawk, Gravity, Sleepwalker, Speedball, and X-23. They came to the future to prevent the villain Chronok from stealing Richards' time machine, who planned to come to the present and kill all the major heroes. The team defeated Chronok, but they couldn't go back to their present, due to time-travel and alternate timelines. The group decided to stay in the future, satisfied with the impact they made, however unnoticed. Mutant 2099 suggested reforming the Avengers or the "Fantastic Nine".[2]

Powers and Abilities


Chad uses telekinesis to enhance his agility and strength to above human standards, and can even use it climb walls and propel himself through the air in a manner similar to Spider-Man's web-slinging.



Chad's equipment most notably resembles Spider-Man (although he has no connections to him) with a form fitting blue costume, a full head mask (except for an open hair top), and insect like visors on the eyes.


  • Chad shares his name with ex-Nirvana drummer Chad Channing, but Kirkman claims this was a coincidence.[citation needed]
  • In the one shot Mutant 2099 #1, Chad's registration number is revealed to actually end in 2099 with the beginning of the number remaining obscured by his clothing.

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