Chadoe was a human sorcerer from San Monique who was hired by Queenie St. Clair to aid her in a Harlem turf war that she and Bumpy Johnson were waging against Dutch Schultz.

Chadoe subsequently sought to create his own discipline of magic to turn the tide of the war, and to this end he stole Voodoo spells from Eshu and used the darkest forms of magic to combine them with Chinese poisons derived from gold silkworms; however, this new "Street Magic" was so powerful that it enveloped him and warped his physical body into that of a demon which was bound to the realm of the damned.

Decades later Alex Wilder made a deal with Chadoe to serve as the demon's host so that he could escape Hell in exchange for granting Alex the powers of the Grandmaster of Street Magic.

When the Heroes for Hire thwarted Alex's plans, Chadoe sought to use Luke Cage as his new host, but with the help of Señor Mágico and Iron Fist, Chadoe was instead fed to a Daemonium de Redemptionem and sent back to Hell.[1]


  • Chadoe was a skilled magic user.[1]

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