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Chaney Maximum Security held criminals unwanted be all but do to the fact that the prison was built on a fault line, a major earthquake destroyed in less than 10 seconds. While everyone believe the inmates in the lower levels were dead they have indeed survive but were trap be their agoraphobia, the long years inside small cells made them unable to leave. Making use of the newest inmates Scavenger, they were able to survive be sending him to obtain food and anything else they needed. One day Fox their leader removed the bomb placed on Scavenger's leg and as he fled the Chain Gang were trap. Luckily for them rescue came in form of another inmate Spratt who fixed the mechanoid Death's Head who had previously being destroy be Dragon's Claws and send him after Scavenger. After a long fearsome battle it was proven that Scavenger had not abandon them but was hoping they would be able to live in their own, dragging Fox to the outside world, whoever the inmate mind could not comprehend and his will was destroy. Soon all other members of the Chain Gang give up and Spratt joined Death's Head as his companion.[1]


  • Agoraphobia, is the fear of open spaces. It suggested in the story that years in solitary confinement kept the inmate unable to leave trap in a prison without guards.

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