Chak was the mechanic and inventor of Headman Bahng's Doka'abi Clan. When the Hulk heeded a call for help from Sakaar, Chak injected him with nanobots called "talkbots" so he could understand their language. When he agreed to become the Doka'abi Clan's champion and take part in the Gauntlet, Chak helped outfit him for battle.[1]

After being fatally injured by the Warlord's guards while the Hulk was running the second trial of the Gauntlet, Bahng passed on the title of headman to Chak in his final moments. As the Gauntlet progressed, the Hulk emerged victorious in the following two challenges.[2][3] For the final round, the Hulk confronted the Warlord himself. Following the tyrant's defeat, he laid defeated in the ground. Chak approached him and stabbed him with a spear.

A month following the Warlord's fall, the Hulk and his ally Odinson helped the Doka'abi build a fortified village so they could begin rebuilding civilization.[4]

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