Chaka was the leader of a tribe of apes that lived in the Belgian Congo during the 1930s and 40s. He had a mixed relationship with Zar, the king of the jungle, and his adopted brother Ka-Zar, a human adventurer, who lived in the region.[1]

Chaka's tribe came at odds against Ka-Zar and Zar when Bardak kidnapped Zar's cub Zoro. When Zar came to Chaka to get aid against his wayward minion, Chaka refused to help. Ka-Zar eventually slew Bardak and warned Chaka and his followers against harming his adopted family again.[2]

When the evil jewel hunter Paul de Kraft returned to the region to search for jewels along the river, Chaka became upset when one of his apes was slain by de Kraft. He attempted to organize an army of animals to force the human out of the region. This revolt was stopped by Ka-Zar who convinced the animals to stand down and let him deal with de Kraft.[3]

Relations between Chaka and Ka-Zar improved when Fascist Italy began to build bases in the region. Chaka was among an army of animals led by Ka-Zar in stopping an Italian supply train shipping weapons to an Italian military base in Ethiopia.[4] He also aided in the destruction of an Italian base by helping build a dam and then flooding the base.[5]

Chaka's subsequent activities are unrevealed.


Chaka had typical abilities of an ape of his species. He was also able to communicate with Ka-Zar.

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