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Defaming Spider-Man

Chameleon took the form of Jameson in attempts to gain the fortunes of Jameson's newspaper empire. Not long, he had drawn Peter Parker's suspicion when his spider-sense detected danger from him. Chameleon intercepted Peter and taken his identity. After taken Peter's life, he made advances to Mary Jane Watson. Fake-Peter kissed Mary Jane in school, causing Gwen Stacy to believe Peter had cheated on her and she ran away. Determined to know more about Peter's life, he discovered he was Spider-Man and felt he hit the jackpot. Chameleon took Peter's costume and mastered enough of Spider-Man's web-slinging abilities to rob a bank. He had his sister look after Peter while he continues to misuse Peter's life to achieve his personal goals.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Chameleon is a shape-shifter. He's able to take the form of any human by looking into their eyes. His body will morph in the exact dimensions of the person he copied. Any copy of the person Chameleon imitates will not grant him any new abilities. He's still limited to his original physical strength and intelligence.


He also have the ability to electrically shock someone, but it's unclear if it's a natural ability or he's merely using an custom taser.

Physical Strength

Chameleon has above human strength, a punch strong enough to knock down Spider-Man hard to the floor.



He carries small fire-arms and a shotgun with him for certain jobs.

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