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Appearing in "One Man's Son Is Another Man's Poison!"

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Synopsis for "One Man's Son Is Another Man's Poison!"

The Russians use Darkstar's teleporting powers to imprison the Champions (minus Widow) in an undergound cell embedded in the San Andreas Fault with the threat that any attempt to forcefully escape will trigger a catastrophic earthquake that will destroy Los Angeles. Hercules wants to call the bluff, forcing his teammates to try to subdue him.

The Russians return to their aircraft headed towards Russia where Yuri tells his story to their defector prisoners. He tells how when he was a child American agents attempted to recruit his father and when Ivan refused, they arranged for the death of his wife, faked the death of his child, and abducted the child to train him to be their agent until the day Bruskin rescued him and returned him to Russia only for the boy to find that his father ended up joining the same Americans that killed his mother. However Bruskin knows another side of the story -- that the "American" agents were actually Soviets and Yuri's kidnapping and rescue were all part of an act to make him into their loyal agent and turn him against his father. Yuri does not hear this side of the story since he's distracted by the pursuing Air Force, but Darkstar hears it and decides to side with Ivan. When Yuri refuses to listen to the explanation, Darkstar teleports the Champions out of their cell and guides them to their rendezvous point.

They converge for a battle aboard the deck of a Russian sub and in the course, Bruskin dies, sacrificing himself to disable the ship. The super-villains are captured, but Darkstar and Ivan let the Crimson Dynamo escape, as neither of them can bring themselves to decide the fate of the boy they once loved.


  • Throughout the storyline, Ivan is unnerved by that hint that his advesary's codename is "Outcast". This is not explained in the end.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Cables of Champions. Letters are published from Sam Hays, mark McIntyre, Dave Kalis, Sandy Schrieber, and Marco Subias.

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