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Appearing in "The Shadow from the Stars"

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Synopsis for "The Shadow from the Stars"

The Champions lose control of their new aircraft but are helped to a safe landing by the craft's designer, Bill Foster. They find that the contractor they hired to build the craft used cheaper materials than the Champions paid for. Before they can deal with that, their computer disaster-scan picks up the news of a UFO sighting and rioting ranchers near the Mesa of Lost Souls in the Arizona desert. There, Ghost Rider had already met up with Hawkeye and Two-Gun Kid to address the problem, and they soon realize the rioters are being controlled through their shadows by invaders of Warlord Kaa. The rest of the Champions arrive and they try various methods to counter the shadow-people, finding that Darkstar's powers have no effect whatsoever, and even Hercules could be possessed. However, when Kaa attempts to possess Angel, he flies high up into the air until his shadow shrinks and disappears, taking Kaa with it. The aliens' mothership and the remaining shadow-people are destroyed when Hawkeye shoots a hellfire-charged arrow into the ship's entry hatch. Just as the battle ends and Hawkeye and Two-Gun depart, the Champions get a call from Goliath that the Stilt-Man is attacking his lab looking for a mysterious box that once belonged to the Stranger.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Cables of Champions. Letters are published from Carl Dennison, Tim Justice, Fred J. Quicksilver,Ted Longstreth, Paul Salerno, and Charles H. Hungerdunger.

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