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Quote1.png I ... have not seen the like since I walked the corridors of Hell! Quote2.png
Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)

Appearing in "The Doom That Went On Forever!"

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Synopsis for "The Doom That Went On Forever!"

Goliath returns from defeating Stilt-Man to find the Null-Life Bomb consuming Champions HQ. He gets caught inside the bomb with the Stranger and Regina Clayborne and is forced to fight killer robots manifested by the bomb to defend itself. Meanwhile, the Champions realize they were sent to Kamo Tharn's world to retrieve his runestaff, which the Stranger didn't realize was already on Earth since Hercules helped steal it earlier. Darkstar notices a trace of the portal Stranger used to send them there and uses her darkforce to re-open it and return to Earth. She's followed impulsively by Iceman, who nearly dies in the journey not meant for him. The rest of the Champions stay to fight against the creatures of Kamo Tharn, which become entirely based in illusion in which each of the Champions witness their companions die one-by-one. The fight ends when Angel rejects the reality given to him and quickly knocks out Kamo Tharn before he can conjure anything else.

When Darkstar and Iceman return to Earth, Darkstar ignores Bobby in her desperation to relay the new information to the Stranger. It turns out the runestaff was left sitting in the hospital broom closet after it was used to resurrect Jane Foster. Once it's retrieved, Stranger guides Darkstar to use it to accelerate the Null-Life Bomb's expansion until it engulfs the universe. Since the bomb has expanded beyond its limit to contract and destroy, it instead dissolves into nothingness. With the Champions returned, the Stranger departs peacefully.


  • This issue contians a letters page, Cables of Champions. Letters are published from David Koehne, Ed Via, Larry Lisowski, and Lyle Koranta.

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