Quote1 Laynia's a big girl, Bobby -- She can take care of herself! And I don't need to be told what to do! Quote2
-- The Black Widow

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Synopsis for "Death Drone!"

Swarm's bees blanket the city and invade Champions HQ, allowing him to capture the briefcase as well as Iceman and Darkstar. He explains his origin to them, that his body and mind were consumed by mutant bees and he pursued the Interpol agent for stealing his queen and encasing it in amber. After seeing Bobby and Laynia's powers, he hoped they would be able to free the queen from her prison. Darkstar unexpectedly obliges, unable to bear the psychic distress she senses from the queen. Swarm further mutates the queen to giant proportions so that together they can conquer the world. However when Hercules throws the queen out over the horizon, the other bees hastily follow including the ones making up Swarm's body, leaving nothing but a skeleton behind.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Cable of Champions. Letters are published from Greg Turner, Caaptain X and the Defenderites, Danny Dragos, Robert E. Helmerichs, Marlon Joplin, and Dave Kalis.

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