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Quote1 You can take the hero out of the X-Men, but you can't take the X-Man out of the hero! Quote2
The Beast

Appearing in "A World Lost!"

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Synopsis for "A World Lost!"

Story continued from Super-Villain Team-Up #14.... The only ones unaffected by Dr. Doom's neurogas, Magneto and the Beast have sought out the aid of the Champions in the hopes that they too may be free from Dr. Doom's control, they are wrong. As a result they are savagely attacked by the Champions. Even the Beast's old X-Men comrades the Angel and Ice Man attack the two mutants. Soon finding themselves outnumbered and overpowered, Magneto erects a metal sphere around himself and the Beast and they make their escape, however Darkstar forms a dark mater sphere around the Champions and the group goes after them.

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., Dr. Doom has taken advantage of his neurogas to bend the wills of President Jimmy Carter and his staff. However, their over-eagerness and praise of Doom begins to grate on the monarch who angrily storms out of the room. Outside, Doom is greeted by the sudden arrival of the Hulk, who lands on the White House's property, and Doom finds that the Hulk bends just as easily to his will as everyone else on Earth. Just then Magneto and the Beast arrive to confront Doom.

Doom sics the Hulk on them, however Magneto is able to wrap the Hulk up in a military tank with his magnetic powers. However their advantage over Dr. Doom soon ends when the Champions manage to catch up with them and their battle starts anew. At first, they get the advantage by tossing the Hulk at Hercules, making the mindless brute attack the Champions. At that moment the effects of the neurogas wear off on Ghost Rider (as he doesn't need to breathe in his Spirit of Vengeance form.)
The Ghost Rider joins Beast and Magneto in their fight against Doom, the other Champions, the Hulk and the security forces stationed at the White House.

In a one-on-one battle against Dr. Doom, Magneto has the upper hand at first, however Doom's inventions manage to reverse Magneto's power against him sending the mutant terrorist flying away from the battle. This leaves Dr. Doom open to attack from the Ghost Rider, who unleashes his hell-fire on the Latverian monarch. The pain causes Doom to remove his mask, leaving him open to the neurogas himself. His exposure to it makes him unable to command anyone. With everyone free from Doom's control, Magneto and the Hulk both flee the scene leaving the Champions and the Beast to deal with Dr. Doom, who has apparently gone insane.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Cable of Champions. Letters are published from B.T. Chapman, Steve Whitaker, Ed Via, George G. Guay III, Brian Nelson, and Eileen A. Doser.

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