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Appearing in "The Sentinels Hunt Again!"

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Synopsis for "The Sentinels Hunt Again!"

The Blob, Unus the Untouchable, and Lorelei burst into Champions HQ pleading for help against the Sentinels pursuing them. The Champions manage to defeat the Sentinels, but don't trust the villainous mutants enough to believe their story that they're just innocent victims. Dropping the ruse, Vanisher appears and shoots the Champions, revealing that he took control of the under-construction Sentinels after waking up on the abandoned orbital platform where the others were already destroyed and went on to recruit the recently re-aged evil mutants in a scheme to draw out the X-Men for revenge. Before they can finish the Champions off, Darkstar recovers and uses the full frightening potential of her powers to defeat the evil mutants and disrupt Vanisher's attempt to teleport away, seemingly killing him by trapping him halfway through transition, much to her own horror. The other Champions wonder what comes next.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Cable of Champions. Letters are published from Michael Christiansen, Ken Hart, Marco Favsoli, Russ Hall, Luke Clemente, and Mike Bales.
  • The Vanisher is explicitly shown to have awoken on the Starcore space station after the events of X-Men #100. The X-Men and Peter Corbeau were presumably unaware that the part of the station the Vanisher was in was, apparently, sufficiently shielded to survive the deadly solar flare they fled to Earth to avoid. Or, his powers give him some immunity to radiation. (That said, perhaps the Vanisher's later brain tumor was a delayed effect of the flare.)

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