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Quote1.png I tell'ya Angel, I'm worried about Natasha. Quote2.png
-- Ivan Petrovitch

Appearing in "Murder at Malibu!"

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Synopsis for "Murder at Malibu!"

Herc and Widow are attacked on the beach by a strong yet dim-witted old man calling himself Billy. After subduing Billy, they are surrounded by armed mercenaries that use neural disruptor weapons to capture the duo and take them to the San Marino Welfare Hospital to meet its director, Dr.Lansing. Lansing explains that he was fired from his professorship for his dangerous theories and went on to take advantage of San Marino's poor and neglected patients by experimenting on them to recreate the Super Soldier Serum. Subjecting Herc and Widow to his mind-control process, he sends them along with several other mind-controlled mutates to attack the other Champions at Angel's home. Before Natasha is forced to kill Ivan, she snaps out of it and turns on Lansing, destroying his control box. Without the control box keeping them in check, the mutates turn on Lansing, killing him.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Cables of Champions. Letters are published from Russell Jessie, Danny Tyree, Stephen Ryan, and Donald Wilson.
  • The Champions finally get their team name in this issue, courtesy of Angel.


  • In this issue, Bobby Drake is shown holding a copy of X-Men.

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